General Distruption has won the FRES order

I see General Distruption has won the order for the FRES vehicle, lets hope it's not anything like the Bowman debacle.

da da dit bowman's shit!
of course it did....anyone else want to join in? go on I'll start us off.

*moan - wail - gnashing of teeth* woe is us! it's the end of the tank industry in the UK, why couldn't they have chosen the British design *end wail*


p.s. sorry sarcastic mood this morning.
BA buying a ... IFV?! I knew Willie Walsh was playng hard-ball with the trollie dollies' Unions, but that is a bit over the top.
romeodelta said:
They say it will be made here in blighty but I reckon the yankee doddles have other this space.
Yes, I imagine that those dastardly Americans at BAE Land Systems may well try other plans to get the contract annulled.
At least we didn't select that Phroggie NEXTER POS for FRES despite the Ministerial arm twisting.
Can't really get that excited about it.
Let's be honest there's "many a slip between cup and lip" when dealing with the FRES programme. I have this faint recollection of being here a couple of years ago with FRES UV.
The NAO report described DE&S performance of this programme as "woeful" and they normally use moderate language for the best of cock ups.
There is no urgency to bring this to contract, LPPV is the priority, appoint a Prime Contract Office to run this and it might just go somewhere. I can imagine there are some in BAE saying "phew, thank god we didn't win that millstone".
Did anybody notice the BAE share price went up further than the GD share price on the announcement?

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