General Dempsey new Chairman JCS

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, May 30, 2011.

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  1. President Obama announced that GEN Martin Dempsey, who became Army Chief of Staff in mid-April is to leave that post to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs when Admiral Mullen retires. This triggers several other changes in the forces.

    Gen. Dempsey chosen to head Joint Chiefs of Staff -

    I should note that these appointments will require Senate confirmation, although I would not expect much opposition. Usually the Senate is in recess at this time of year and a "Recess Appointment" could be made that would last for the balance of the session of Congress. However, the US Senate at this time has left a few Senators in DC to hold "pro-forma" sessions to preclude the President from doing this.

    Interesting, however, that the President is doing this on a holiday weekend when the news media are drowsy (or hung over)
  2. A lot of people had believed that GEN James Cartwright USMC , currently Vice-Chairman, would be moved to the Chairman's position.

    I am not sure but it may be that GEN Cartwright might be a bit vulnerable on Senate confirmation as there appears to be a slight blot on his copybook, at least according to the Washington Post.
    It could be something else but I thought this might be food for thought for those wondering why our lords and masters do this sort of thing. It just is puzzling to move someone a few weeks after he has been sworn in to a position for a 4 year term.
  3. Dempsey wants to ditch the friggen POS black beret and all the velcro on the ACU, right there we have someone listening to joe.