General David Petraeus in The Times

Interesting, hopefully with the new Afghan surge he will be able to work his magic there as well, though it is a different style of fighting than Iraq.
General Petraeus is perhaps the most inspiring speaker I have yet to hear. He gave an excellent lecture to my Staff course during our sojourn to the States and came across as more intelligent, engaging and articulate than any of the British senior officers who spoke to us that year. He seemed to know exactly how to pitch his speech, throwing in a joke or two (very un-US Army) and an anecdote about hiding in a pub on Salisbury Plain. He made our course director, an RTR brigadier, look like a caricature: a dull, grey bank manager.

If he decides to do an "Ike' and run for president, I wouldn't be surprised if he wows the American public and finds himself in the oval office. I know nothing of his personal politics, but then one could argue that electoral success is now more about style than substance anyway.
Interesting article. Thanks for the link.

“Live among the people. You can’t commute to this fight”; “We cannot kill our way out of this endeavour”; and “Walk. Work dismounted. Stop by, don’t drive by. Awareness can only be gained by interacting face to face, not separated by ballistic glass”.
There is quite some discussion about this within a few CIMIC groups of NATO. How do you do this effectively in order to pursue the military goal without putting the population at risk or getting entangled in local issues and problems? What will be the aimed end state?

The ICRC in particular is very hesitant of this approach and keeps insisting on the principle of distinction. In my opinion a bit of a lame duck in todays conflicts. Our concepts of "armed conflict" need rethinking.
How many of Britain's generals have PHDs from elite universities? How many would open themselves to public derision to get the job done? (remember General "Betrayus" and the congressional grilling?)
To be honest, Prince Harry is probably the only British officer who has any public recognition.
81 press ups in 90 seconds is pretty darned clever too.

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