General Dannatt forces Afghanistan shopping list on Gordon

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July 17, 2009

General Dannatt forces Afghanistan 'shopping list' on Gordon Brown

(Richard Pohle/The Times)
Downing Street said Gen Dannatt's recommendations would be looked at 'very seriously'
Michael Evans, Defence Editor, and Nico Hines
The head of the Army won a personal victory today when his “shopping list” of equipment and troop demands for Afghanistan were formally presented to Gordon Brown at Number 10.

His request for more helicopters, additional troops and extra spy-in-the-sky unmanned surveillance drones to seek out the Taleban was passed to the Prime Minister by Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of the Defence Staff.

The involvement of Sir Jock and the decision to go direct to Number 10 highlighted the drama of a week in which General Dannatt has grabbed the headlines by making public his concerns about the campaign in Afghanistan during a visit to the troops in Helmand.

Underlining his support for General Dannatt, Sir Jock came out of the talks with Mr Brown and confirmed his and the army chief’s view that the deployment of more helicopters to Afghanistan would save lives
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MoD Responds to HCDC’s Report into Helicopter Capability

In response to today’s report by the House of Commons Defence Committee into helicopter capability, Secretary of State for Defence Bob Ainsworth said:

“We are doing all that we can to get more helicopters to our forces in Afghanistan. We have almost doubled helicopter hours, together with increasing the number of helicopters for operations. The deployment of the Merlins to Afghanistan will mean a further 25% rise in helicopter hours from the end of the year. We are investing £6 billion over the next decade in our helicopter capability. But I will make sure that we will keep looking to see what more we can possibly do.,-puma-and-chinook-fleet-upgrades.html

Helicopter fleet to be reduced to save £1.4 billion the Times learns
The Armed Forces helicopter fleet is to be reduced by more than half over the next ten years to save £1.4 billion from the defence budget, The Times has learnt.

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