General consensus on withdrawl from middle east conflicts.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mikesmartin46, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. I'm doing research for my new book and was interested in what the general consensus was from the boys and girls who are currently serving, or who have served in the middle east regions. A full withdraw from the region seems very near but do the do the people who are doing the graft on the ground want to leave or do they feel there is more to do there. A friend of mine serving in the Saturdays And Sundays has fed me info saying that the feeling is positive towards staying and finishing the job. All comments welcome. Also if you are stuck for an xmas prezzy the ebook "at 61 degrees" would make a great stocking filler and it means you are raising money for HELP FOR HEROES charity. It's available from Have a great christamas and new year.
  2. Do your research properly because we finished in the Middle East a little while ago now.
  3. My apologies I should have specified Afghanistan and not the middle east.
  4. Have you asked the grown-ups' permission to shill your wares?
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Within ten years there will be nothing to show we were ever there, even the new roads will have vanished,as they are only made of DBST which will need to be resurfaced in 5 years the whole ten year cock up will have vanished just as the bones of Gandermack in 1842,
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  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You are a lazy researcher and a patronising spammer.

    1) You want to take the general consensus was from the boys and girls who are currently serving, or who have served in the middle east regions? Find one and talk to them face to face. Buy them a beer or a meal. If they trust you they will help. This is called primary research. What you are about is called bone ******* idle.

    2) ARRSE members are mostly compos mentis and quite capable of finding their own stocking fillers. You want to plug your book, send a copy to the Book Review people here. Assuming you believe your tome can stand up to an ARRSE review.

    3) ARRSE members are mostly compos mentis and quite capable of giving to the charity of their choice as and when they see fit.

    4) Get a ******* haircut.
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  7. Is your book called 'The Daily Mail' by any chance?
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  8. I had to pull out of a middle eastern once because she didn't want to get preggars.

    I jizzed down the back of her legs to register my digust.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    And since it is my mission to educate - I note your nic here is mikesmartin46. Two digit number following a name? By a spooky coincidence the arse licking sole review of your book on Amazon is by shanaky35. Two digits following a name.

    shanaky35 has never reviewed a book before and his gushing review of your book is his only contribution to Amazon. "Great book I look forward to reading more from this as of yet unknown writer."

    How fortunate you are that his first ever review was of your book. And I am sure the name / two numbers thing is just a coincidence, hmmm? I mean, it wouldn't be that you have reviewed your own book and signposted the fact with the name / number thing? A smart writer like you wouldn't be that stupid, eh?
  10. To the educator. In case it makes you feel better the total amount of boys and girls I have spoken
    to either currently serving or who have served is currently at 180. Some of these were at
    Selly oak hospital in Birmingham and as you can guess have come back with very bad
    life changing injuries. I even had the privilege to talk to members of their families
    who also have had their lives changed, especially the children. I've bought many a drink
    and sat with them chewing the fat. I'm sorry if it came across as being lazy I just like to be
    thorough. The charity comment is a fair one and **** me you're right I do need a haircut.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Good. That 180 is treasure if you are a writer. That 180 is the start of a network that will take you... who knows where?

    Thing that puzzles me about writers / journos who come on here and say "I am writing (whatever) help me out for free" is this.

    The writers and journo's I know, the fun bit is the research. Meeting people who have been there. Getting a referral to another one who has been there. Building trust. Trying to understand the gig. If you have been to Selly Oak you will know that the iterwurb is basically **** compared to....

    Yeah, well. Sorry about the haircut crack. That was cheap. You could maybe try braiding your blond highlights at the front? I'm thinking African beads and maybe hens feathers?

    You did write that Amazon review though, didn't you? Come on. You did eh? You are among friends. We wont tell a soul.
  12. Yep, it's fairly odd that someone trying to research would come to an internet forum for material. Not only is it probably the most unreliable source for information (we were all on the balcony..) but isn't it skipping the actual fun part of the job they're doing?
  13. Ooh! Good back-pedal!
  14. Feathers wouldn't suit me. My hair looks like it's been permed with hula hoops
    but might go with the African beads. You're right the 180 are treasure and
    and has led me along many fantastic paths. This I suppose leads me to answer yours and other
    folks queries about me being on here. I am not a journalist type and I am not fotunate enough
    to be a professional writer. Like many I have to work full time to fund my research, usually 7 days
    a week (less of the violins). It happened to be one of the guys I spoke to who came back from the
    nether regions having to learn to walk again because of his injuries that suggested I come on because I would enjoy the
    piss take and abuse and he's right. Like I said before I like to be thorough so whether it be talking
    face to face or through forums it's all good stuff. So as much as it's great to talk about me
    put your cocks down and lets hear some chitter chatter about the "consensus".
    PS. Sorry to dissapoint but the review on amazon is genuine. The guy is a fellow rope access
    industrial abseiler like myself but you are right, it does sound a bit arse licking. I did suggest telling him
    what to put but I left him to it so there you go. I'll shut up now and wait for the abuse to pour in.
    Cheers chaps.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone who suggests staying in Afghanistan until the job's done hasn't got a clue about what they're taking on.

    All of our 'achievements' are the direct result of unsustainable amounts of Western military effort and money and it'll be business as usual five minutes after the military leaves and the money stops flowing. Thanks very much George and Tony.
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