General blasts Army cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kennys-go-nad, Aug 27, 2004.

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    General blasts Army cuts

    By Andrew Gilligan, Evening Standard
    27 August 2004

    One of the Army's most senior generals in charge of personnel has said he is "stuck" to think of any "defensible argument" for curbing recruiting - as planned by Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon in the latest round of cuts.

    Major General Bill Rollo, the deputy adjutant general, said the Army was being "asked to do the impossible", according to classified minutes of a top-level meeting leaked to the Evening Standard.

    The meeting took place a few months before Mr Hoon announced massive cuts to the armed forces, including a reduction of 1,500 in the Army infantry. The minutes make clear that despite their public silence on the issue, many senior officers will be vehemently opposed to the cuts at a time when the Army has seldom been busier.

    Bruce George, chairman of the Commons defence committee, who denounced the infantry cuts as the work of an "idiot", said the leaked document would be "very useful" when his committee questioned Mr Hoon next month. "The Government will have to be very persuasive to convince people that the size of the Army should be reduced, given all the pressures on it," Mr George said.

    The minutes, from the Adjutant General's management board meeting of 21 January, show how heavy the pressure on the Army's budget was, even before the changes announced last month. The Adjutant General himself, Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin, urged commanders to "put the squeeze on their spending". David Wadsworth, the civilian official in charge of schools for soldiers' children, expressed his "bitter disappointment" about moves to cut teacher numbers and put school improvements on hold.

    After years in which Army chiefs worried that not enough people wanted to join up, Iraq and Afghanistan have produced a surge in recruits. But because of the cuts, many are no longer wanted. The Army's director of manning, Brigadier Cedric Burton, is quoted in the minutes as saying the increase in the number of recruits was a "problem".
  2. TCH should meet again with Kill Bill Rollo HCR the baldy headed steely eyed killer who has never been known to pull any punches. TCH would have trouble rebalancing after Bill has shoved his fist down his throat! absolute madman :wink:
  3. General Officer Commanding Multi-National Division (South-East)
    Major General W R Rollo CBE

    Major General Bill Rollo was commissioned into the Blues and Royals in 1977. A short but intense period as a tank and rifle troop leader in Germany, Canada and Northern Ireland was followed by 18 months as Regimental Signal Officer in the UK, 8 months running the Infantry Platoon Commanders' Tactics Course at the Zimbabwe Military Academy, and two years as Adjutant during which the Regiment converted back to the armoured role. After 18 months in the MOD as an SO3 in Army Staff Duties, he attended Division 3 at RMCS, finishing Camberley in December 1987.

    Following Camberley, Major General Rollo returned to Germany to command an armoured squadron, from which he went back to the MOD in late 1989 to become MA/ACGS. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1991, he was posted to the Staff College where he became the SO1 Higher Command and Staff Course. From there he was selected to attend the SAMS at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. In 1994 he took command of the Household Cavalry Regiment, completing a tour in Bosnia during the closing months of UNPROFOR, and a range of training commitments from the Arctic to North Carolina as 3 (UK) Division's armoured reconnaissance regiment. Regimental command was followed by the Higher Command and Staff Course, and 18 months in J8 Plans in the Permanent Joint Headquarters. He assumed command of 4 Armoured Brigade in May 1998 and deployed to Macedonia in February 1999, and thence to Kosovo. In January 2000 he was awarded the CBE for his command during that period.

    In October 2000 he returned to UK to become Director Royal Armoured Corps, and then in July 2002 became Director Military Operations in the Ministry of Defence during the period of Operation Fresco and planning for operations in Iraq.

    In April 2003 he assumed the appointment of Deputy Adjutant General. He took over command of Multi-National Division South East on Op Telic in July 2004.

    Gentlemen ,we have a new Hero :D [/quote][/b]
  4. Arrse,

    Since this outstanding individual has (inadvertently) raised his head above the parapit, TCH and his snivelling servants will now most likely attempt to sack him! (A B*liar - nothing must stand in the way of the Project!!)

    This must not be allowed :!: Prepare yourselves to be mobilised in defence of this fine officer. Leaks to the press and counter-ops (that is taking away their porn - opps, already been done, silly me), against the MOD are but two weapons in our arsenal.

    Blackmail, verbal abuse and pie throwing must not be ruled out :twisted:

    keep vigilant
  5. Not the "Iraq has no WMD" man by any chance?

    Let's hope Rolly doesn't top himself - seems like a top hole chappie......
  6. The very same.

    Let's hope Bill Rollo doesn't look out of the window and say "Oh what a lovely day, I think I shall go for a walk in the woods" anytime soon 8O
  7. Can you hear the umbrellas go up?

    "Can we really rely on the story from a reporter proven to be unreliable,
    it says so right there in the Hutton report"

    That well written font of governmental 'factual restructuring' and whitewash

    Still Question time on Wednesday should be a chuckle, if we can rely on the clueless leader of the opp.
  8. Hopefully Bruce George. will act on this and grill Hoon. its funny but since the new cuts were announced, there has been more leaks from the top end

    The last Labour government did it in the 70's, which caused the headsheds to stage a military coup de tar but one of the top brass leaked it to the government what was going on. And in the end a lot of the top brass resigned.
  9. PtP........14 yrs from snotty nosed subbie to half Colonel? That's a bit rapid isn't it?

    Does his Dad own the fckuing Army? (or does he?)
  10. Yup, sounds like a diamond geezer. No doubt the androids and arse lickers from New Labour will attempt to rubbish him and tell lies and fibs about him.

    When's the next general election so we can vote this bunch of tossers out?
  11. Dunno about Bruce George, hopefully Fatty Soames will be on the case, failing that Menzies Campbell. 8)
  12. The purpose of Manning Control Point reviews is to ensure that the Army does not become “top-heavy” with older personnel who no longer have the physical fitness and other abilities to perform to the standards required.

    Like to see the Army perform without them - hope you all feel wanted! :roll:
  13. Baddass , read between the lines again

    Only guessing mind :wink:
  14. That'll be "arrise Sir William Rollo" out the window then - Fcucking good for him - nice to see someone talking sense.
  15. who would you give your last Rollo to? :twisted: : I don't think he has stuck his neck out here, as he is only stating facts, im sure POD, Irwin, & Walker have all voiced the same concerns to Hoon & co, and more leaks will no dought spill out in the coming sure :wink: mind you it wont be hard to find the culprit at that level 8O