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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by JK_Easy, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. Hello lads

    been watching Commando Front Line. looks very immense!!

    is the Army life ''combat'' similair to this in anyway ?
  2. Iv been watching this aswell, what a program! I dont think Basic is like that, LOL!
  3. It seems better in the sense of better equipment, more intense yet slightly more civilised.. ;)

  4. So the Army isn't as tough as Commandos?
  5. i dont think {personally} that basic will be as hard as the Commando programmes basic.

    remember, this programme is showing basic for the Royal Marines, an Elite.

    if it was realy like that for everyone, it would probably put people off.
    not me though!

    my mate, has just completed Basic, and was letting me know some of the exercise stuff that goes on, lots of 3 miles runs were the order of the day for him, plus {according to him anyway} 5/6 6 mile marches with full kit.

    sounds good i think, though im expecting more.
    then again im going for RAC, and he went for signals, so im not sure.

    ive confused myself and am slouching off :?
  6. You lot have got a shock coming.
  7. as long as its not a fat american cop, with a taser and a itchy trigger finger....

    im anticipating some kind of holiday camp, where the sgt makes cups of tea for his men, and when the going get tough, you get a small bourbon.

    obviously there's going to be a lot more to it than running, the discipline, and early mornings will do me in more than physical stuff.

    still, i look forward to "PAIN!!!!!"

    might have spag bol tonight.

    EDIT: detonator, whats your thoughts on the differences between Marine basic, and regualr basic, as thats what the bloke wants to know., me too.

  8. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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  9. doesnt make sense, however

    even i know in order {rough and approximate thanks}

    in order of hardness of training

    it would go army {normal} -> Royal Marines {bloody hard} -> S.A.S. {nigh impossible}

    now im expecting a bloody hard time in the army,

    so no offence JK, but its gonna be "unpleasent" if your going for S.A.S. if your worried about marine training.

    now im off for some pies and booze
  10. They are dumbing that program down so as not to frighten everyone off. What you will get in basic will be worse than what you are seeing. It might not look bad on TV but it will be a lot worse when it's you.

    How do you know? Tell me when you have done CMSR if you think it is 'normal'. You havent passed yet and you are passing judgement on the army's training? I think for an army that is feared around the world then we are normal, but then I passed.
  11. your right detonator, i dont know i was simply stating my opinion from the basics that i do know

    regular army would not train as hard as a Elite Unit, that is accepted.

    i was simply saying, as the question asked was is army life similar to commando life....

    i would have thought {and thoroughly admit that i dont know},

    that commando training would be harder than regualr army training.

    just my thoughts.
  12. the thing is the army has dropped its standards wheras the marines have maintained theirs to a certain extent ie length of training seem to have an easy time in camp and a lot of leave though?
  13. It goes on a lot longer, they have more time to acheive what they want with them.
  14. thats in part what made me think that, marine training is ...32 weeks long {i think...cant remember the exact amount of weeks :D }

    but basic army training is 14 weeks.

    sorry if i overegged my knowledge in my previous posts, i certainly didnt mean to.

  15. aye cant read a map or use a compass then fall asleep while their mates search for em what happens if they end up in Iran?