General all round Mong-Ness of older Squaddies

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by 54sqnrct, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. My friend works down my local Army Careers Information office recruiting mongs into the Army and he was telling me how much better todays recruits are compared to the thickos that were joining 5 10 or 15 or so years ago. Then most of them couldnt string more than 3 words together.

    As a more intelligent member of HMF between the years 1987 to 1991 I have to say I agree.
  3. Ignore him , he craves the attention.
  4. If nobody bites, this c0ckwart will surely go away...

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

    Its refreshing seeing that once again I am correct.
  6. They may have more 'O' Levels (Sorry, GCSEs - I'm an old fart), but they are fat, unfit, gobby, insubordinate, self-important, lazy, etc etc etc. :(
  7. (Little Britain stylee) Yeah I know
    But I like calling him a cnut
  8. Well u cant be that bright...can you?

    1. dates you joined fall within the 15 years ago you mentioned

    2. You Joined the RCT.....Now RLC

    3. Do you think we give a F**K
  9. RCT... LMAO! Talk about being a grade A REMF!
  10. No disrespect to the fine (ex)members of the RCT, but you didn't exactly join the smartest Corps. You did 4 and a half, what rank did you leave as. I bet you used to get beaten up by the 68 Sqn dykes.
  11. Hang on... sounds like you just described 54sqncnut :lol:
  12. I joined the Corps that would benefit me most because at the time I fancied driving.

    So I joined the RCT.

    I signed for 6 but left after 4 and a half because I got everything I wanted out of the army. I left as a L/Cpl ......promotion didnt really interest me.
  13. Options for change was it? You got sacked! Tell the truth now.
  14. Bet you are smiling now you are getting all this attention . What do you hope to gain be being such an ignorant prick?
    I would put money on it that you are a troll who i bored . If not you really are a sad little man .
  15. Actually no it wasn't!!!!!!!!!

    Pity really I'd have saved myself a bit of cash.

    Options for change was just the Armys way of clearing out all the deadwood mongs really. Without sounding big headed I didnt really fall into that category.