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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Hadal, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just got some questions to ask in regards to joining up, I realise that they have mostly all been asked before but I could not find the relavant information when I searched.

    Firstly, about two years ago I went to the doctors with suspected OCD, he referred me to some cognitive behavioural therapy which I promptly binned, I gave myself a good mental slapping and got on with life, I have been symptomless and had no treatment for over 2 years. My question is, what with it being on my medical record will this affect me from getting into the army?
    Second thing is i can't decide which regiment to join out of the rifles and the 9th/12th lancers, both appeal to me but im not sure what one i could get the most out of in terms of a fulfilling career, also what would be my local regiment?, im in bristol.
    Lastly, I know vaguely what to expect at the ADSC, I am currently eeking out about 40 pressups in 2 minutes, and managed 56 assisted situps in 2 minutes, will the situps at the ADSC be assisted? and will those numbers be decent enough for my main choice (rifles)?
    My heaves at the moment are appalling, 5 before failure, I'm looking to get those up to 15, any advice on doing them or should i just crack on with them until failure every day? My runnings pretty bad too, but im working on it good style and looking to do a bit of bergan work in the near future too, any good running songs you guys could reccomend? I'm running with my uncle's mp3 player st the moment and it mainly consists of the beegees and cher :lol: no joke.

    Okay sorry for the absolute volley of questions, any answers would be appreciated.

  2. You will be given a medical questionnaire once you apply which will be completed by you and your GP. It will state which conditions are disallowed etc.

    Go to your local careers office and start the ball rolling by applying because:

    1. Once you do your BARB, interview etc, you will be given a list of jobs you can do and your recruiter will help you decide which suits you best.

    2. There is one hell of a long waiting list so it pays to start your process as early as possible.

    3. You can be loaded on Insight courses with the regiments/corps you're interested in. then you'll be able to decide which ones suit you better.

    When you start your application you'll be given a fitness programme which you're expected to follow until you start your Phase 1 training. You can also visit Have a look here for what ADSC is like:


    Do not run with weight on your back. Leave that stuff for Basic Training.

    I'd recommend getting away from mp3 players, iPods etc. The reason being that during ADSC and Phase 1 you'll have none of these and if you rely on these gadgets for motivation you might be in for a hard time later on. Anyway, I used to train to the sounds of metal tunes, depends on your personal tastes.

    Before posting questions on ARRSE try to search what others have put on already. The above mentioned link to another ARRSE thread on ADSC is a good place to start.

    Best of luck
  3. You thought of opening a gym mate? :lol: if I have to start locking my front door 9 times again, or fvck up my knees I might consider that! :D

    EDIT: okay thanks for the info, will do those things :D
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