Gene Pitney Found Dead

Sounds as though something gotta hold of his heart.

Edited 'cus Mr A beat me to it.
Seems a bit of a contradiction that one finds death, since when did he lose it in the first place., therefore one cannot be found dead as one was deceased at the time. You should have written that he died of....... or, as a result of ceasing to inflate his lungs at regular intervals, he became a mobility non-posessor.

Nurse, help, I have bird flu, I'm feeling peckish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a shame he was only 24 hours from Bangor.
'...One day awa-ay from your ar-r-r-r-rrrrgh....'

Sh*t! And I thought the cnut was dead ages ago! :lol:
And now instead of being halfway to paradise, he finally reached it.
Sorry Gdav i'm not too up on singers of yesteryear :lol:
The_Dragoon said:
Reckon his agent is laughing his sox off !............even when brown bread, still get 10%
10%?? You're joking aren't you? Try 20%.
He was good though, even if he made cheddar look like a minor cheese producing centre! So long fella, you are now infinity away from Tulsa.


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Read the thread Duffous


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Sorry it me I’m the Duffous.

No change here then

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