Gendarme in the City!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RedcoatGreenjacket, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Today i saw what i perceived as a French Gendarme walking along with a City Policeman.
    Immediately i thought that the European Union Police had arrived, but the thing that cracked it was that the Gendarme had his hands in his pockets!

    Oh Dear............take him away.
  2. Dorset Constabulary recently had a female American Traffic cop in their unit. These exchanges happen often.
  3. I've seen German coppers with City Policeman around Blackfriars,about a year or so ago.
  4. Hey guys you're just showing off ..... up here in rural Aberdeenshire we're yet to see a ploice officer national or international.
  5. I bet neither had their hands in their pockets though !
  6. Got a gendarme on attachment to our Force/dept at mo. Nice bloke and considerably fitter than half the lard arse coppers rolling around the nick. :p :p
  7. I saw a British uniformed policeman in Paris a few weeks ago, maybe they had swapped
  8. Its an exchange programme, its usual to have Police from all over Europe come for exchange visits and vice versa. I think its a v good idea as Police get to see how thier counterparts deal with problems. Policing is basically the same wherever you go. :?
  9. when i lived im portsmouth my stepdad who was MODPLOD told me they come over on exchange all the time .
  10. Maybe the CRS should come over for the Home Secretary's next speech to muslims. Hecklers should prove no difficulty to them...
  11. what's a ploice officer? Are they particular to Sweaty Land? :lol:
  12. saw a funny tv programme about a sussex village plod swap with a washington dc cop. the US cop nearly lost it as there were'nt any murders or gun crime he really could'nt cope :roll: