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Gendarme in the City!

Today i saw what i perceived as a French Gendarme walking along with a City Policeman.
Immediately i thought that the European Union Police had arrived, but the thing that cracked it was that the Gendarme had his hands in his pockets!

Oh Dear............take him away.
Got a gendarme on attachment to our Force/dept at mo. Nice bloke and considerably fitter than half the lard arse coppers rolling around the nick. :p :p
Its an exchange programme, its usual to have Police from all over Europe come for exchange visits and vice versa. I think its a v good idea as Police get to see how thier counterparts deal with problems. Policing is basically the same wherever you go. :?
saw a funny tv programme about a sussex village plod swap with a washington dc cop. the US cop nearly lost it as there were'nt any murders or gun crime he really could'nt cope :roll:

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