Gen Stanley McChrystal to retire from US Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FourZeroCharlie, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Guess he had nowhere else to go.

    "The former US commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, who was fired last week by President Barack Obama, is to leave the US Army.

    He was dismissed after criticising US administration officials in a Rolling Stone magazine profile.

    US Army spokesman Col Tom Collins told AP that Gen McChrystal had notified the service that he wanted to retire but had yet to submit formal plans......................."
  2. I guess General Stanley McChrystal will have time to sharpen his knifes before he retires.
  3. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Books, lecture tours - I think Obama is going to regret this.
  4. Going for the Republican nomination in 2012?
  5. Petraeus was already mentioned for the Republican nomination in 2012, so I think McChrystal won't make a chance there.
    But he'll be able to make a decent living in the lecture circuit. As Seaweed said above: Obama might regret this!
  6. If he was minded to help a Petraeus 2012 bid then he could certainly use the lecture circuit to forcefully establish the narrative that Obama and not the US military 'lost' in Afghanistan.

    I'd imagine the perception that Obama is putting his re-election above potential US success overseas will go down like a bucket of sh*t with most voters.
  7. I think you've got a point there. The GOP can certainly use the generals' strong media presence to help defeat the current president. Petraeus can be kept out of the wind while bulldog McChrystal uses his retired status to hack into Obama. Anyway, Petraeus has a job to do in Afghanistan and would be wise to keep his head down the coming months and get on with it.
    If and when he's done in 'Stan he will have fixed both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for the American's and can spend that kudos for the Republicans.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    McChrystal's going to have to raise his game if he wants to produce any sort of political effect - his Rolling Stone performance was remedial and the thought that anyone with such a tenuous grasp of the media can have any profound insight across the spectrum of COIN is bizarre. Certainly he'll reinforce the views of the anti-Obama brigade but most of them are already halfway to the Grassy Knoll. McChrystal was the architect of his own downfall and the manner of his going will not make him the most persuasive of advocates. Petraeus is a much more scary prospect for Obama - a smart operator with a track record of success and, under the circumstances of his appointment, almost fireproof politically.
  9. Amazing really,Barry O'Bumble goes on about the US being the cradle of democracy,and the nasty "british" system being the next worst thing to communism,and yet?

    We have Senior Officers in the Armed Forces,who have criticised successive governments for what they saw as policies that were detrimental to Ops/Soldiers wellbeing/Equipment/lack of/failures,etc,yet still managed to continue serving in theatre without the interview sans coffee,makes you wonder don't it?
  10. I made the same point elsewhere, Americans rant on about free speech but it is a Hollywood facade, like the whole structure of the nation. One day it will all fall flat.
  11. Haha, I'd been expecting this, this really could come back and bite O'Barmy in the ass.
  12. To be expected. No doubt the lecture circuit will be lucrative but I'm sure he will feel the loss of being there for his troops. No doubt he can campaign for them in the political arena now.
  13. Yup. My very unscientific sampling of US public opinion makes me think that there is not a great deal of sympathy for the general outside the ranks of the Gibbering Brethren - there are far sharper teeth poised to bite the presidential bum. But if he does want to make something of it, Gen McChrystal might like to spend some of his resettlement grant on attending Info Ops 101.

  14. I don't think McChrystal will make a run for the Presidency - or endorse the policies of the rabid right - ....he'll make far more money - with fewer headaches - in the private sector.
    Freedoms? Hmmm.....well - I don't see our buildings/lamposts/F*ck knows what else bristling with cameras spying on me over here (though, sadly, I'm sure Vladimir OBumble will get round to it)! Didn't Dannatt's willingness to criticise his political masters bring his career to a rather abrupt end?

    McChrystal admitted he screwed up (and fully expected his removal prior to his final interview at the White House) - he dissed his Commander in Chief and allowed his staff to do the same - a subtle difference to any Brit' senior officer publicly slagging off the PM/various Ministers.
    While not an Obama fan I believe the President was left with no alternative other than to remove Stan from command.

    Petraeus as a Presidential candidate for 2012? I don't know..... if the Obama regime consider him a serious threat I don't give much for his chances of surviving Afghanistan with reputation/integrity/credibility intact.

    The next Presidential election in the USA will require UN observers! Acorn's dirty tricks will look like kindergarten games compared to the subversion in store for us all I fear.
  15. The anti politics sentiment in the US is staggering at the moment, they WANT a new Teddy Roosevelt, they want someone crass and blunt who can actually do something.

    Obama is the very embodiment of a politician created by political systems, and his ludicrously unpopular for a chap who has not done very much wrong (I think they are coming to terms with career politicians doing very little as a way of life).

    In all seriousness observing the amount of hand rubbing going on right now, the prospect of a real genuine no nonsense war hero going up against a man who has barely faught his corner in the oval office (sorry) has got the high level republicans going ape shit.