Gen Sir Mike Jackson attacks US failings in Iraq

Pot calling kettle black....

As far as I could determine at the time, the British forces had no plan beyond the warfighting phase and had certainly not made any attempt to gather the resources likely to be needed to administer the occupied territory....
Looks like the PoD has a new book to flog then.

Should have opened his mouth at the time, like Gen Dannatt.
To be like General Dannatt requires: courage, intelligence and a sound grasp of duty to soldiers. The score on this game is:

Jackson 0 - Dannatt 3
The US and the UK at each others throats right in the middle of a time when a bit of solidarity is sorely needed? Nice to see that nothing ever changes.

This is getting extremely tiresome...
So... yet another person has decided to write about the obvious. We all know Rumsfeld, Bremmer, and assorted other appointed idiots were delusional as to how a proper occupation should have been carried out. In a perfect world, someone like Patraeus would of been in charge from the get go and the civilians would of stayed away from the strategy table... or even better... Congress would have said "wait a minute" on the decision to go into Iraq and gotten a few generals to give them their perspective of the situation before green lighting the funding for OIF. None of that happened of course... Congress rubber stamped the administration and certain Tom Clancy afficianados got to try out their ideals which failed in the real world. Errors in policy were corrected by competant leaders who replaced the idiots and hopefully something solid and long lasting will be created in Iraq.
Having worked for Jackson for six months, then followed his career thereafter I am now firmly of the impression that he is a alcoholic cnut. Moreover he is abusing his position by criticising that which he connived at, whilst rolling on his back to have his tummy tickled by Bliar.

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