Gen Sanchez Vs ACLU


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The BBC has just put some stuff up about the interrogation procedures authorised for use by General Sanchez. The ACLU aren't happy, and I imagine that the US forces convicted after Abu Ghraib will use Sanchez's memo as the basis for an appeal.


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Last year, the hard case female Brigadier who was in charge said pretty much this in her interview with Michael Buerk on the BBC's << On the Ropes> programme. ( I put a link up to the programme but it dissolved)

She was in charge of the jail but was sidelined on Sanchez' express orders and had no access to the wings where all this was going down.

Lot of people dissed her at the time for trying to shift responsibility - seems she was telling the truth then......?

Don't be distracted by mention of the American Civil Liberties Union involvement ( which generally acts as a red rag to a bull to most military people).

Both the Brigadier in charge AND her troops in the facility were working to orders from w-a-a-a-y up the chain of command.....and were expected to take the fall and keep their yaps shut when it all went pear-shaped.

Good for her that she chose not to..... an illegal order is just that.

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