Gen Rose says Iraq war was wrong

Gen Sir Mike Rose, says in todays Daily Mail that:

"The war in Iraq was immoral and it has caused some Americans to behave in an immoral way themselves. Meanwhile the wider war on terror is being lost."

on Bush after being told of the sept 11th attacks:

"Here is no Roosevelt, Churchill or Thatcher, but a deeply inadequate man whose mind is frozen with indecision an fear. It is a look I know well - if he had ben a subordinate commander in battle I would have immediately relieved him of his command"

Bush: war leader my arrse.
that would have been a cracking read :D
He made no secret of it before the Iraq war. Did anyone see the famous Channel 4 debate?

Not just his good self, there were other serious Military men expressing disquiet.
dui-lai said:
He's just reiterating what every bugger else on this planet knew already :roll:
Not quite. Mass media here depict W as a serious statesman, thinking man of action, shrewd and tough, prepared to be ruthless after 9/11, etc.

Even his Democratic opponent has no criticism more cogent than to say: I'd make a better job of it by enlisting the "international community." (I think that means "get the foreigners to pick up the tab.")

If that's all that people hear (and that is all that millions of them do hear), can you blame them if they believe it?

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