Gen Patraeus for President

Now here's an interesting story.

Basic line - US politicians stock at the lowest ever, populace looking around for another offering. How about the unsullied military "hero"?

I know he has done well but is there that need of new blood in the American political scene?

Before anyone else says it, given the choice who would you choose between as the Republican candidate to go against Obama next:



Palin? 8O

Maybe not so bad an idea after all? :?
I dont think Petraeus would want to run. He's a Soldier. Hell he was shot in the chest in 1990 by a snuffie during an LFX (kid was knocked off his feet by a grenade blast)with the Rakkasans. Instead of Courtmartialing the kid, he sent him to Ranger school.
I think Petraeus has got too much common sense and self respect to go anywere near elected politics. If he was thinking of running in 2012 he'd have to leave the Army NOW so that he could begin the networking/fundraising process. I can't see him doing that with Iraq and Afghanistan unresolved, he's too much of a professional. Petraeus must also be aware that he's a serious candidate to be Army Chief of Staff followed by chairman of the joint chiefs in the next few years. If I was him I'd want to focus on the pinacle of my military career first.

Gen Petraeus seems to me (a Brit) to be an honourable and decent man. If he were to consider a post Army political career, then I've no doubt that the example of Colin Powell, an equally decent man, who was reduced to misleading the UN about WMDs, would spring to mind.

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