Gen McChrystal recalled to Washington for a leg slapping

BBC linky thing
Though shalt not publicly criticise or mock the current administration or Mr Pres....... And calling the National Security Adviser, James Jones, a "clown stuck in 1985" is frowned on too.....
Stanley...telling it how it is......wonder which one of Obama's inexperienced minority cronys will take McChrystal's place after he 'decides' to retire? The media over here are already slamming the good General.... he's seen as a threat for the next presidential race. Pretty indelicate - not to mention naively stupid - of the guy though......what's a 4* doing giving 'off the record' interviews to Rolling Stone FFS.
sportbilly42 said:
BBC linky thing
Though shalt not publicly criticise or mock the current administration or Mr Pres....... And calling the National Security Adviser, James Jones, a "clown stuck in 1985" is frowned on too.....

One cannot question St. Barack of Obama...especially if you know what you're talking about, are experienced, and tell the truth.

Watch for a hatchet job on McChrystal in time.

Any direct link to the Rolling Stone article itself? (have had no luck on their website)
Busterdog said:
....what's a 4* doing giving 'off the record' interviews to Rolling Stone FFS.
Either he's risen to his rank with no understanding of discretion or politics.... or he's hoping to be fired before the wheels come off in Afghan and he has to take the blame.

A political career may well beckon in the future...
I'm sure the Obumble spin doctors are already crafting a story placing the blame for all the USA's ills on Stanley, who, following his retirement, will be smeared unmercifully by Obama worshipping major Networks toeing the David Axelrod party line.
I am very pleased with Mr Obama. It is very kind of him to try to make Mr Blair and Mr Brown look good. If only he was bright enough to realise that it is too late to help them now.
Polite reminder of the difference in roles between Blair/Brown (Prime Ministers/Heads of Government) and Obama (President/Head of State)

Article 2, Section 2 of the US Constitution refers:

"The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States."

Publicly call all the boss and his advisors a bunch of cnuts and anyone in their right mind has to expect to be doing the Axminster Shuffle in short order.
Apparently the Rolling Stone reporter travelled with the General and his staff over a period of time. Seems most of the indelicate remarks can be attributed to his aides.

Mike Yon was right again. First I thought he was just whining because of his embed. Looks like he was spot on.... again.
Very careless, there are proper channels for this sort of Information Operation. A few discrete opinion piece quoting unnamed sources in the NYT is more normal when the Pentagon is playing its games on The Hill. Not gobbing off on the record to Rolling Stone and calling Team Barry insiders "Clowns".

The Brass sailed pretty close to the wind last year finessing Surge II into place. But they did it subtly enough that Team Barry apparently didn't realize they had been gamed by the simple soldiers till months later. If Stan's plan was working out he'd have a decent chance of survival. It's stalled, government in a box remained in the box and as a result Barry O may well have his balls for a desk trophy.

Not good for Barry either. Can't afford to be publicly dissed like this, shows The Brass don't respect him even after he casually fired Stan's predecessor.

SWJ has a piece. Sounds like his staff might get hosed down as well.
It is hard to believe that President Obama and his staff will be able to continue to work with McChrystal after the revelation of the Rolling Stone affair. President Obama will have to defend his commander-in-chief powers under Article II of the Constitution and that will almost certainly require McChrystal’s swift retirement. To allow McChrystal to apologize and stay on would set a bad precedent, send the wrong signal regarding civil-military relations to the rest of the military, and would cause great uproar among Obama’s civilian staff.

Who will replace McChrystal? For the sake of continuity in the midst of the critical Kandahar operation, the elevation of LTG David Rodriguez would seem logical. Regrettably, the contemptuous attitude toward Obama and the White House staff apparently extends throughout McChrystal’s staff. As a McChrystal deputy, Rodriguez may be suspect. In any case, several staff officers will also have to go, with a broad investigation likely to follow. Thus someone from the outside may be necessary. Probably not Gen. James Mattis – Defense Secretary Robert Gates apparently passed him over for Commandant of the Marine Corps so Gates could hardly support him for ISAF. My guess would be someone currently working on the Joint Staff or on Gates’s personal staff, someone already well known to Gates and Admiral Michael Mullen (which, ironically, is how McChrystal and Rodriguez got to Afghanistan).
ghost_us said:

Mike Yon, I thought he was just whining.
Fixed that for you.
The 'main man' recalled to Washington because he expressed the truth about the twerps in Washington and about the third rate abject failure that is Obama.

Eventually politicians will realise that soldiers do what soldiers do and they are entitled, on behalf of the men and women they command, to voice their concerns if they are 'governed' by the shambolic tripe that was the main component of the Brown 'government'; and by what is becoming more apparent daily the same sort of third rate administration in Washington.

I cheered when Obama was elected. I was relieved to see the back of the appallingly awful Bush. But now I believe that Obama is as clueless and hapless and hopeless as the unlamented 'GW'.

General McChrystal is too much a man to resign; he thinks too much of the men he commands, but America deserves to have him say: 'Stuff it up your arse Mr. President!'

Another example of why a republic is such a bad idea. Imagine if Brown had been not only prime minister (so-called at least) but was also the Head of the Armed Forces? Blair even?!!! Mandelson?! Balls!!!!!!!
In the ten minutes I spent with Stan (as he introduced himself) I obviously got to know him very well and have an entirely thorough understanding of how he thinks etc.. Based on the deep insight I gained..

He does come across as intense yet likeable and very professional officer and he is most definitely a leader. For a moment he made me want to stay in Afghanistan and do stuff. He'll be bloody hard to replace. Very few men inspire like he does. When he arrived things started to change very rapidly and he was very good at bringing a lot of people along with him in line with his vision. Not everyone liked him. Some thought he was a bit scary.

In fairness to him on the media front, he's spent most of his time with SF and therefore he's probably never dealt with the media before this tour (at least not any deep or prolonged fashion). His aides should have known much much better and should have protected him. Maybe some opportunity to sack a few of them in his place? Or am I just being hopelessly optimistic?
You don't get to Stan's position without being a consummate professional. There's more to this than meets the eye. Either he's after a get-out clause or he's being stitched up.
i think (dangerous ground :lol: ) that he realises that his cunning plan isn't going to work in the timescale agreed on. and being p45d, to leave the follow up to somebody else is the way forward.

either that or he needs to have a word with his media advisers

but, who to replace him with?
countymounty said:
It looks as if it's going to be one of those no coffee,hat on,don't sit down interviews,I wonder what JJs take is on this?
Well for the take of our favourite jarhead look at the McChrystal thread that he started linky

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