Gen Inge...and other airborne waffle!

What planet did Gen Inge orbit?  I met him in 1991.  Asked me did my wife like the new barracks, to which I replied I didn't know, as she'd left me.  His reply was 'well done'.  Excellent sense of humour.
That was Peter Inge's standard line.  His other was something like .......'boots fit?'   Never seen a better case of 'I'm not interested' in my life.  Is he still on the go?
He retired as the army's last 5* rank about 94/95 and is now in the House of Lords.
Seem to remember several years ago, he sacked a couple of pilots whilst they were flying him on a PSI (VIP) trip. Can't remember what for. Do you remember, woops? (Not that you would ever have reached the standard to be PSI!!!!) :p
Woopert couldn't even reach the troop step to reach up and debug the windows ;D

hows the book of tail numbers coming on Wooprect ;D
Why you asking about his numbers? You jealous? I'm sure you can exchange the required tail numbers. Terry Potter!! :p

Just a quick test, as you had a no show on Sunday, whats this?

FM The Lord Inge is still alive and well and defending the Army's interests as best he can.

He didn't sack the pilots, but gave their CO a monumental bollocking over their standard of saluting - apparently it was not reasonable for them not to salute just because they were wearing bone domes. As an aside when Pinge was CO his RSM was Mick O'Dea (now sadly mustering in a very differant place) fondly remembered by all in his Regiment as an excellent RSM and a bloody good bloke to boot. He once gave me an almighty rifting for not picking up a CSM who failed to salute me (a 20yr old newly commissioned grubbie). I can still smell the fear 26 years later.
Surely you mean:

FM, The Lord, SIR Peter Inge?
getting back on track:

I was once told that I was a lazy sod and that I do less work than Bobby Sands Diggers!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
I thought it might have been a Westland Whirlwind? Can you put us out of our uncertainty Lord F.? :?:
I can confirm that it is indeed a Westland Whirlwind. I believe that the aircraft wasn't the sucuess that it should have been and so wasn't used that much.


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