Gen Dannatt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Manley, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. The Labour Partei want to cut Dannatts pay by 40,000 quid and have him sacked as Constable of the Tower and possibly Court Martialed for joining the Tories and speaking out of turn. Hmmm! Intreresting! Now I wonder who though this one up??? Lord Fcuks perchance?
  2. Either way he's just another spineless cunt who didn't make a big whoohar about the state of the forces until he'd left. The long line of yes men continues.
  3. Until he left?! From the first week as CGS he was making waves - so much so that it probably saw him off as the next CDS. I think you must be mixing up who has been probably the most effective CGS we have had in many years with someone else?!
  4. Must disagree with you there Fallschirmjager, Dannatt has been a pain in the side of the Govt for the last 12 months at least. Are you not getting confused with Mike Jackson who's only outburst was well after he had left. The man who's only mission was to maintain 3 Parachute Battalions, whilst wrecking the Infantry County Regt System
  5. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Eager to court marshal for such a tedious crime, yet not so eager to stand Blair on trial for war crimes.

    cnut burgers.
  6. Whoops. I am thinking of someone else. Apologies.
  7. An honist man and well thought of by both public and press, Gorden Brown must realy hate him
  8. It is Sunday morning!
  9. I met General Dannatt unintentionally once, I was made to wait for his helicopter to turn up as part of a waiting party. He comes straight of the helicopter walks right past the CO/Adj/hangers on and up to the soldiers, completely ignoring the CO and hangers on. He talks to every man and asks there opinion, he does ask some strange questions like are you in SLAM, your wives being looked after. All of them welfare questions and he wants the truth from us. The CO had gone white, the thing is with the General all my lads didnt spin the normal shiite they told him the truth. Then he goes to the CO and puts him on the spot about the lads welfare.

    He was 100% looking after his soldiers from the grass roots up.

    I met MJ once and if you didnt have a maroon lid you were scum. Quite a difference.
  10. Class war Old Labour at work in the shape of the bearded wonder himself, Frank Dobson.

    Anything to distract from the real issues
  11. Dannatt was always going to be a target for Brown, he has two working eyes.
  12. Apart from a Liebour MP, I tink you'd be hard pushed to find someone who'll put Mr Dannatt down, I was and still am a fan of Gen Jackson, but we need more outspoken Snr Generals to get a grip of the Government.

    I think the Government will continue to attempt to smear him for as long as they seem they can get away with it
  13. Boys we aren't going to get any respite from the Laboured ones until June finally roles around. There'll be many fewer of us by then if they have their way. Give what ever support you can to anyone that isn't one of them, I treat you with intelligence and allow you to decide who you think this is. God thats almost like a democracy thing that some people are supposed to be defending on behalf of loads of others who don't give a she'ite about how its done and at what cost as long as their not involved. Hope sombody invades soon (or maybe they have??)then we can at least take to the hills and know how to live there whilst watching the others being used and abused by the invaders.
  14. Bit of a generalisation there wouldn't you say? Especially considering most who wear the maroon beret have done fuckall to earn it. I agree that MJ was a useless spineless cunt though.
  15. Linky

    B^gger me sideways (no, actually, please don't) but I thought it wasn't "Army custom" but his resettlement time earned during his long career? As applicable to anybody, whatever rank or eminence, who has done the time in he has - rather than some sort of special favour.

    Yes, I know, it does say that further down the article but ... As for "breaching the Official Secrets Act" - I spoke to an MSP yesterday (ABF collection in town) - did I breach the Act. Don't effing think so.