Gen Dannatt sends his best wishes to ARRSE Rumour Mongers


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Nice one, and genuine response from Dannatt. Good luck to the guy, he was too forthright and honest for those scum in Downing Street and Whitehall, hence why he headed them off at the pass for the post - retirement smearing.
Thanks, it is rather uber cool isn't it!

I spoke to MDN last night (Yes he lives on!)

He is going to progress the offer of support for Hols4H which could bear fruit in the future.

That's if he can avoid offering Sir R a gimp mask and a round of 'hide the hamster' !



I am seriously impressed by that, well done to all involved and said by others, great response from the General.
Where does the other £7 go?
Brilliant news :D

Nearly didn't scroll down far enough, for some reason though. :oops: :wink:
A gentleman of the Old School - well done and thank you sir!
Good going to all involved, what a feather in the cap of Arrse.


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spike7451 said:
Top stuff! With Sir on board,H4H gets so much stronger!
Also you soon may have someone in the heart of the next Goverment if the Tories get in and he takes up his new role
An honorable man in Government is one too many for people like Ashie.

Good luck in the new post Sah! Keep up the good work and as for the personal attcks and smears, it merely proves you have them rattled!
you will be hard pressed to find a better advetisement for such a worthy cause,and fantastic that the general took time to send his regards personally.

i bought the H4H book from the NAAFI the other day i hope it completly sells out and makes loads of money.

well done all concerned.

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