Gen Butler Complains to Guardian about Lies in Article

General Butler wrote a scathing letter to the Guardian which was published in their letters section yesterday. The letter starts with the paragraph

Your front-page story (Iraq war cost years of progress, October 18) paints a misleading and mischievous picture of what I said at a media briefing on Tuesday. It omits some of my comments and extrapolates meaning and intention from others which is completely false. I did not say the operation in Iraq had cost "years of progress" in Afghanistan; I did not say it had left "a dangerous vacuum"; and I did not say that British soldiers faced a tougher task now because of it.
Full letter here

Many thanks to not_finished_yet for introducing it onto the aviation forum which drew my attention to it..

Edited to include, and thanks also to hansvonhealing who introduced it to the Afghan thread

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