Discussion in 'REME' started by 2hammers, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Has anybody else been shafted by the GEMS scheme? On that sandy caper a guy i worked with came up with the idea of taking the shims out of the L/DAF injectors to solve the fuel problems. He trialed it and it worked, he then took the idea and evidence to the BEME who sanctioned it as best practise and told the guy to put in a GEMS suggestion. Six months later he gets 50 quid end of story, but it later appears in the kit mag as a top suggestion, surely he should have got a bit more than 50 measly quid??
  2. Yep I did one for Rapier FSB2 in Apr 96, this was goin to save according to some bloke shed loads about 5 grand a year, not a lot you may think (esp as B2 was shelved after that) , I got £450 quid, and as he was serving at RSG at the time , my idea was "already submitted" etc etc oh and to add insult to injurt he was a fcukin CRAB as well! Wnacker!!! Should have patented it first then gon through British Wastospace and might have had more coin.
    To paraphrase a quote in one of the GEMS forms by one senior bloke at the time, seems like a section 69 cover all to me btw!

    "This suggestion falls within the the proposers normal duties, the suggestion would be difficult to implement without contractor assistance."

    Now does that stroke you as whatever you say, unless you back it up with a civvy lawyer or something, a. someone will steal your glory and cash and b. people you considered as colleagues higher up the chain may well have fingers in pies!!!!

    I'm not pointing fingers cos at the time I was chuffed with the coin, however if people on the shop floor are to be so poorly rewarded, and after all we look after the kit they provide, are we not looking at chicken egg back scratch scenario?

  3. At 32 RA my fitter section desperately tried to get rid of the M578 recovery vehicle any way they could. In a conversation to DLO one of my Sgt's asked why the MLRS chassis isn't utilised as a support vehicle. Nothing more said from DLO.

    I get posted to sunny Andover about a year later to find that one of the guys in DLO has received £30k for his idea to utilise the MLRS chassis as a recovery vehicle! Now, I have two points on this, firstly the lads in my fitter section missed a trick by not putting a GEMS in. Secondly, why was someone at DLO, where equipment is managed be rewarded on the GEMS scheme? Surely its their job to continually improve their systems performance?

    Answers on a postcard please (and before you jump in saying that he deserves a bonus as much as the next man- he's a civvy)
  4. I was, but as I'm putting an appeal through at the moment I'll defer my judgement until I know it's outcome.

    My GEMS was rejected as being too expensive, but after getting a copy of the 'Evaluation' it was obvious that they had read the suggestion but not investigated it. The costs were vastly inflated to a point that was laughable.

    If you think your suggestion wasn't treated correctly, or if it was implemented despite being rejected by GEMS then you do have grounds to appeal, and you'd be daft not to. In fact it's in their interest to make it known that GEMS is treated fairly, If it gets the reputation that it's not, then people aren't going to bother and there's enough money wasted already.
  5. Sparky you are bang on the money with that one, but as with my suggestion it seems that even if you put a GEMS application in, you still get shafted by the guy who gets it arriving in his in tray at whatever the next step up in the repair chain is where he says " Hmm what a good idea, darling I will be a bit late home tonight,bit of typing to do!" just a few clicks back on that date stamp and "Hey look at this, this young full screw has sent this in, and it reminded me i thought of this 2 months ago, here you go Sir" Not saying thats how it happened/s but you can see the opening!
  6. If you submit your GEMS application directly to your LAG, there should be nobody who can hop in and make it their suggestion. It would be a little bit sucpicious for some WO2 in a Bde EME office to submit a GEMS sugestion himself on some bit of kit that he doesn't even work on. I can't see it happening myself.

    The people at the LAG that I submitted to were helpful to the extreme. Even to the point of sugesting that I made an appeal against the findings of the sugestion 'evaluation', giving me the address and what sort of information I needed to supply the appeals board. The same can be said about the appeals man in Andover. After recieving my appeal letter he phoned to tell me what information I could provide to improve my appeal's chances before he passed it on.

    I may believe stories of people nicking ideas while they are being formulated and before they are submitted, but not once they areon the desk at the LAG.
  7. Hi

    I've recently joined the REME and I'm unaware of the GEMS system. I was wondering if someone could take the the time to full explain it to me.

    My current understanding is that the army award you with cash for coming up with a decent idea to modify some of the kit, however I don't understand much more than that

    if someone could point us in the right direction that'd be grand

  8. Hopefully, attached is an Acrobat document explaining the GEMS suggestion scheme.

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