GEMs Idea - The Ultimate

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Armd_Farmer, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Having researched in depth, and discovered we all do it. I've invented the ultimate in Z-Type personal hygene. We seniors know it, and the toms need to learn it!

    Behold the GEMs invention of a lifetime... the MK1 Squaddy Sink Universal, for the use of...


    Its my idea .. so get off ...

    patent applied for ;)
  2. Where's the flush for when you have a shit in it?
  3. ffs dinger, you hose it down with the shower nozzle and poke it through the holes with your finger!

    same with sick and tampons...

    I've really thought this through you know!
  4. OK then.

    Toilet + sink allows us to puke and shit at the same time. Very important duel purpose apparatus for a squaddie - but something you have overlooked.

    I suggest a slight mod. Have a stack of aeroplane sick bags at the side.

    (that'll be a 10% consultancy fee)
  5. Smallish platform say 9in to rest your member when you are too blotto to aim accurately also handles for steady stance of body when dreaming away only to wake up and realise the sink aint a bird
  6. wheres the vaseline for when you fail too pull the 'dead cert' at your local cattle market? other than that its's not too bad.

    I'd shag it.
  7. no headrest or cupholder/ashtray.
  8. Thought of that to! The cost of two universal sinks out weighs the frequency of MOST soldiers grandslamming themselves. So 1 sink should do!

    As for handles, ash trays etc ... your just not taking this serious are you .. :p :wink: :p
  9. I'm Irish and rather on the big size, is there a man+ size version for me, maybe in a nice pinkish shade?
  10. No - but he can turn on a hot water tap :roll: Its safer... lol
  11. Strange people the japanese, for I assume it is some jap invention.
  12. :roll: no - i just edited a photo of a sh1tter and submitted it as a GEMS idea.....

    some people look beyond the humour!
  13. CD player/MP3 type thing maybe ? and is there a plasma screen mounted on the opposite wall ? Health and safety out the window here ,never mind the water and electricity non-compatibilty issues here.I'd buy one.
  14. Needs grab handles for steadying oneself during projectile vomiting, a la City Treff.