Gemma McCluskie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. To remember ex east enders star Gemma Mccluskie’s charitable work with children, a special rendition of “heads, shoulders knees and toes” is being prepared for her funeral.
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  2. Your a very bad man! A very bad man.

    I wondered when the jokes would start.
  3. Typical woman really, little bit of fame and she goes all to pieces.
  4. She's hotly tipped to play the lead in the new version of Carry On Don't Lose Your Head
  5. Not being up on the demise of ex soapies,what's the crack?

  6. Same here mate, but then again the headless, limbless torso's of actress's don't turn up in the the canals around here.....well, not that often.

    It's been on the news and everything.
  7. Ok now i'm up on the demise of the ex soapy but strangely uninterested.Thanks for the link.

  8. PS In future I'll remember to type "craic"

  9. You craic on then.
    Is that right?
  10. Ich auch. Had to search as I knew nothing of it. Although the news has affected me sufficiently that I may have to have an extra pint whilst watching the rugby later...
  11. The galling thing is some one took the time to shorten her life and indeed her height but yet no one can get Ricky Gervais anywhere near a bandsaw.

    Theres just no justice
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  12. So where is the head then?
  13. Apparently she was a bit part actress who went to pieces when she lost her job
  14. I'll get round to your area later.