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Can anyone help me out with a problem.

The ACF unit of which I am an instructor wishes to carry out some Watermanship trg during the summer months.

We have all the qualified instructors, we have a trg area, we even have cadets willing to get very wet !

but, we don't know who to approach to borrow Gemini assault boats and outboard motors from. Aluminium Mk 5 assault boats are available, but cadets are not allowed to use them due to "their inherent instability"  :eek:

The last time we went along this route, I was told that "there are only 3 or 4 in the country", but this was by the blanket stacking dept. who are renowned for their work repelling capabilities.

Any comments gratefully received


Try the TRG wing of any Royal Engineers Regt.
They might be able to organise the training for you.
Every Sqn G10 store has a recce boat as part of it's kit.

You're in with an even better chance if you're near one of the following;
Gibraltar Bks, Camberley, RE training regiments with a boat yard at Hawley lake.

Weymouth, Cbt Engr Trg camp, purpose built watermanship/bridging training centre.

Chatham/Chattenden, Kent, the principle boat training establishment.

There's also a TA Amph Engr Sqn at Winchester/Aldershot who may be able to help, but I'm not sure of the set up down there.

One word of advice, if you can get hold of it, read AGAI chapter 18, "Training over water".  It may put the handbrake on people willing to lend a hand with all the H+S implications of cadets exercising over water, as a couple of AI's found out when they drowned a few kids a couple of years ago.


mmm tis a problem with the childrens act and "sue me" culture these days , if it can be done safely brilliant and ensure al the cadets knows how to float with a life preserver jacket and can swim etc and parental consent etc .......cover yourself sad but true


I know, I have been offered cadets to act as enemy on a FIBUA exercise at Whinney Hill, but have had to turn them down.... :(



I am in the ACF and we used Gemini Assault Boats when I did a course with the Engineers at Gib Barracks. We went down to the school at Chatham. So it might be worth your while to get in contact with the OC of the RE look at life course they run at Gib, as he might be able to help you. If u want I can message you his name etc.


It may be worth looking in the direction of RM (539 Assault Sqn).  Some years ago now (about 15) I did some work with underprivilaged children, WRVS & RM. 539 supplied the boats and instructors.  Excellent time had by all. :)


With the stores priority given to cadets you may not have much joy at the moment. Failing that you could look outside the military.

When I was a cadet we used to leaise with lifeboat stations (difficult if your well inland). They were more than happy to provide instruction as well as equipment.

Trouble is if your tactical or not, there boats aint green.

Also I can see the risk assesments (and that sort of $hit) for this being a nightmare, watch yourself!
The best way to do this is to approach a unit who are doing basic inland training and see if they can slot you in for about half an hour at the end of the day. If you request the training in your own right you will be so low on the priority list that it is unlikely to happen, therefore tagging on is the best option. It is the same for a HeliQuest, far easier to have someone "swing by" at the end of a GH sortie as the result of a phone call to the Ops Rm than filing a request through JHC and having to justify it in training terms against other commitments.

You will, of course, have to satisfy your own safety and notification procedures through your County HQ and seek their approval before any OC will allow you to take part. Alternatively the Regular army provides a Cadet Training Team for each district, and they may be able to assist. Most cap-badges also have Youth Outreach teams and other resources that might be worth tapping as they are sanctioned by the army to do exactly this kind of thing.


Thanks to everyone for their help.


We are located well inland, and most of the places mentioned are probably too far to be viable for collection and then return of the kit

As for the H & S minefield, I have done the course (Watermanship Safety Officer) myself, so I get to carry the can if it goes t!ts up. We have run quite a few exercises so far, and havent lost one yet  ;)

Thanks again though


Where abouts are you guys from?


War Hero
Always worth trying 17 port & maritime RLC at marchwood, Southampton.

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