Geldofs call for Sail 8 demo

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 6, 2005.

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    This raises a number of questions.

    How many in-experienced sailors/travellers will drown or have to be rescued during this episode?

    Whats going to happen about the integrity of the UK's maritime border? Will all the visitors be booked in throuhg official channels? (passports and border checks at the port of entry) Or will it mean a huge influx of unacounted foreigners?

    Am i a cynic? :D
  2. Guaranteed there'll be a few bathtub captains who get fished out of the oggin following this foolishness. F' em.

    I don't know about you, Agent S, but I became very, very tired of Geldof a long time ago, and as for Bonio and Dame Elton, they should seriously stick to singing popular songs.
  3. If they are supporters of Gobby Geldof, lets hope the answer to your question is all of them.

    If the Navy still has a Gun Boat they need to get it out and sink the f*ckers.
  4. With the Ferries and Tunnel over-providing at the moment why don't the lazy Frogs pay to come?. Haven't they got a greater fishing capacity to us? this too could be used.

    Saint Bob has lost it. If he really wanted some backing he should march into Harare to protest to wee Bobby Rhubarbé about the state of Rumbabwe.
  5. I'm p1ssed off on two counts:

    1. How dare he compare this sick little stunt with the escapades of those brave blokes on the beaches of Dunkirk. I would love to see that scruffy Irish cnut being strafed by a Stuka as he desperately tries to save the poor Tommy.

    2. How many of these French marchers will be infact illegals trying to sneak into Blighty? Long Walk to Justice... more like Short Sail to Handouts.

  6. Some helpful advice for you here...
  7. The French will probably be to busy surrendering and colaborating with the Germans
  8. I was willing to accept you as the proverbial pimple on the arrse of this fine site (as you do sometimes make me laugh), but that takes the biscuit!

    Please stop this tomfoolery immediately or i will be forced to seek an immediate cease and decist order against you! :D
  9. Oh come on Agent, it's not tomfoolery - just a timely referral to a site where you can find a different shade of opinion. Isn't it useful to know what 'the enemy' is doing? Not just that, but the other day I threatened (or is that promised?) to give up posting, as I was approaching the glorious number of 100, but someone came on asking me not to because diversity makes this site what it is (I'm paraphrasing).

    I don't post simply to wind people up. Sometimes, I'll just post a short message to keep threads ticking over, and I'm often more than a bit startled by some of the reactions that come back, but getting more used to it. :wink:

    Wouldn't you agree that this site would be a lot less use if there wasn't some lively exchange of opinions? It would lose a lot if we just had the same viewpoints being repeated or people congratulating each other on how wise they are. :D
  10. Most of what he does is cr*p but he certainly knows how to stir things up. Be nice if we could get him on board re soldiers voting ready for next time.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Showing your age A-S. They are no longer cease & desist orders bu ASBOs :wink:

    Now on a similar but totally different tack (note the nautical lingo here 8)

    If the frogs send their chavs over here, can we round up ours and send them over to France (one way ticket)?
  12. The coastguard are really please about this. Heard an interview on the radio their guy just stopped short of calling Geldorf a cnut
  13. Well I wont. Geldof is a cnut.
  14. Doesn't this clown realise the chaos he will casue with his 'descend on Edinburgh' bollox? It's not the politicians he's f*cking about, it's the everyday working people trying to get past the everyday unemployed dole scrounging human rights flag waving soap dodgers, but who can't as the f*cking roads will be blocked. He and his 'pop cronies' should be given the bill to pay for the congestion, police overtime, damage caused, lost earnings, from the Edinburgh City Council.

    F*cking hippies. I'll give bugger all to his charities. The tax payer will have to foot the bill after he and his arrsehole mates have buggered off back to their mansions and their soap dodging followers have kicked off with the police because they're bored and want to take out their pent up manky unwashed scrounging frustrations on public property.

    I hope that every incident casued by these c*nts is given the time of day by the press.

    All vessels from Europe attempting to enter British waters should be boarded and later sunk, if found to contain soap dodging hippies.....particularly French ones . The Tunnel should be bricked up at our end and flooded..

    I wonder how many Illegal Immigrants we'l be getting on the back of all of this shite. Why didn't he hold his f*cking demo in his private grounds.......they're big enough. Or, if he cares that much, sell off everything he owns and give the money to the charities.

    The hypocricy of this sh*t gets my goat.
  15. Don't forget calling on school children to ditch their lessons and go to this jolly. Loads of kids bunking off school, travelling miles away from home to go to a concert. Right then, nothing wrong there. I don't even have kids (unlike him) and I can see thats slightly dodgey. Still, they should all be safe, there's only going to be a million or so strangers....