Geishas from the Orient

After flicking through the Spectator on the porcelain throne I chanced upon an interesting advertisement for "ladies from Japan".

I thought this may be of interest to ARRSErs seeking their own geisha, so here is the link:

Japanese women are among the best educated in the world, but Japanese society has traditionally directed them towards early marriage, children and the life of a housewife.

However, many of today’s single Japanese women increasingly think like their western counterparts. They crave independent careers and lives of their own, and they also want husbands who will treat them as equals.

Which is not to say that Japanese women are strident or masculine in their outlook. On the contrary, they are renowned for their beauty, gentleness and warmth. The modern Japanese woman is as caring and sensitive as her mother or grandmother’s generation, but she wants a fulfilling life and is willing to wait for the right partner to share it with.
Perhaps there is the opportunity to set up a reciprocal service, so that cultured and educated men (such as the frequenters of the ARRSE NAAFI) can find love and companionship in Japan with an elegant geisha who can smooth away those rough barbarian edges and provide the opportunity to make a life in one of the most xenophobic and perverse :)D) countries in the world.

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