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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stet, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. ok i got the xbox 360 but i cant figure out how to wire it up to the internet aswell as my pc. so help is needed ok i got a 1 meg ntl broadband box and ond kick arrse pc but i can figure out how to run them both. please help in VERY simple terms i am a bit of a computer retard.
  2. You need a hub/switch with some ethernet cables. Is your modem of USB type, if so you may have problem?

    Plug the modem into the switch and then plug the ethernet cables into the switch from the various devices, assuming of course that you have a network card in the back of the PC.

    Any dramas, send me a PM.
  3. you need to box up the xbox and send to me as you are too thick to have LAN/WAN enabled devices.
    then pack up your PC and return to the shop you bought it from


    seriously, PM bravo2nothing as i cant be arrsed to help


  4. Send me your 360 and I will sort it out for you, might take me a few weeks and I would need all your games so I can make sure they work properly! :)

    so, is the 360 as good as they say then?
  5. i understood the word pc! my cable modem has 1 ethernet and 1 usb port i use ethernet on my pc at the moment, will i have to re configer my pc if so how?
  6. have you got a second internet card fitted to your PC? will look like the one you plug your broadband into. If so you will need another cable to link the 360 to the pc. After that you just need to open the connection options and click on the shared internet connection option and away you go.

    Saying that not sure if windows XP will detect the 360?
    If like the old x-box there was a starter kit to help get online.

    Failing all else maybe a read of the 360 instructions booklet may help further.

    Sorry if this is no help at all
  7. There’s a rumour floating around my office at the moment that Microsoft is being sued because the Xbox360 has a habit of over heating and starting fires 8O

    Keep a bucket of water by your Xbox at all times!!!
  8. yup 360 is as good as they say but not as good as some bloke in the paper said "it better tha sex" but the games are unreal.
  9. 1 thing to check as my mate has NTL broadband - the router they supply wont let you put mulitple devices onto your NTL router...

    one thing you could try is connect the PC to the NTL box via USB and plug the xbox into the PC on a cross over cable (pc world). and enable intetnet connection sharing on the PC - but like i said - NTL are tight and might make you pay for a 2nd IP address
  10. Soak in water overnight then plug in to the highest voltage AC supply you can find. Should have no probs with internet access after that.

    No one is stoopid enough to do this are they? I mean - it must be obvious to only soak for one hour!!
  11. Asked for that didn't I...
  12. but you know i still luv you B2B.


    PS stop confusing the poor kid, not his fault he is IT Challenged and you all using bit IT words. Stopit

  13. Buy a hub/switch from PC wnak and plug that into the router. Buy another ethernet cable for the xbox and then plug both the xbox and pc into the hub/switch.
  14. thanks thats what i was thinking i cant help bieng thick

    so if i go to th epc shop i said i would never mention again after ripping me off with my last pc.