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Christ, she's a terrible public speaker, if "speaking" is what you can call whispering into the mike as if she has a serious case of laryngitis. She can barely manage two sentences without stammering or ******* up the meaning. It's as if she's reading someone else's essay on Defence policy.

Aside from that; aside from the fact that (as per the title of this thread) she's simply read a whole load of other stuff that other people have written and strung it together into a few pages without any seeming understanding of the subject; aside from the fact that she talked about how the MOD aren't doing "strategy" early on because they just talk about capability and resourcing (true), but then spending 80% of her time just talking about capability and resourcing; aside from the fact that beyond trotting out the usual "first responsibility of government" line, everything she tentatively suggested curiously required less Defence / action / stuff in every case....

...if you put aside all that: it was great.

General Lamb will be after her for plagarisation
Nope, he won't, he borrowed it from Michael Howard, who she mentioned.

She is a lawyer, if she couldn't get referencing right, I'd be really worried.


Emily Thornberry today addressed RUSI. I'm afraid I wasn't really paying attention but at it appears that the armed forces will be rendered down to
Geeks to tackle cyber crime
Spooks to keep an eye on things
Thugs (special forces) to go in and do the business.
If First Citizen Worzel Corbyn ever gets in to No.10 he'll outsource 'Internal Peace-Keeping and Correct Thinking Control' (i.e. UK policing) to the IRA and Hezbollah, and External (and probably Internal) 'Peace Keeping' duties to the Red Army.
I have just picked up this, which is on my rapidly expanding reading pile*

Disrupt and Deny

Despite my initial disappointment of having a firearm on the front cover, I am looking forward to what appears a nuanced and interesting guide to the history of Briitsh covert action.

Looking to the future, we can imagine a world where non-kinetic influence should be used as the tool of first resort to shape the environment for selective kinetic?

Or more bluntly, better to talk people to a favourable policy result. And even when necessary to turn them into pink mist, you need an influence operation to manage the perception fall-out from when they do die.

*Allegedly there is a Japanese word, tsundoku (積ん読) meaning to pile up books without reading them, of which I am sadly very guilty right now. To much to do, too many books to read, and I seem to have handed back my 28hr day to stores at Peeltown.