Geeks CAN differentiate between real life & "screen" life

Found on the front page, just under the picture of the lad who went "oriental" in Virginia. Wonder if that placing is coinscidence, is it the same in the paper version? :D

Players of violent video games claim that they recognise the difference between brutality meted out on screen and violence in real life and play mostly to escape the humdrum, according to a new study.
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Question is... do they really know. They can claim, but some killings have been suspect at best.

Slightly off topic, the recent Japanese murder of a Brit that mirrors one of those "Manga" comics.

Whilst for many this is a harmless passtime, are there really people out there that get a little too into it?

One player said: “I know it’s not real. The emphasis is on achievement.”

While parents agree that there should be age-appropriate labelling, some said that they were happy to give their children titles rated 18 or over because they were “only games” and kept children “off the streets”.

Young players admitted that they played for hours on end, often beginning as soon as they wake up. They recognised signs of addictive behaviour and said “peer pressure” led them to play games flagged up as violent by the media.
My bold, is it anywonder kids today are seem to be lazy and of the "play station and pringles" generation?

Their "achievements" involve maiming pixels, rather than actual achievements such as making a treee house with friends, or a kart racer. If they screw it up, they can turn off and start again rather than live with the consequences.

Instead of playing keepy uppy or beat the goalie, they play championship manager soccer (as endorsed by some brainless footy player who should be putting his name to something else).

This report is missing some facts, I feel IMHO>


I recall reading somewhere, or I was told, that the brain 'records' visual stimuli as real, don't know if it's true but seems reasonable. For instance if you watch Eastenders you know its a TV show, you're aware that its a drama, its not real, but the part of your mind that records it, does so as memory. So when Pat has a heart to heart with someone you record it as a real objective experience without stamping it as a drama. Would go someway to explain why people sometimes seem to act out drama in their own life. I often feel myself thinking that people act as if they are in a drama, well I suppose if their brain has everything they ever watched recorded as real with little real life subjective experience to base their interaction on, eastenders will do 8O

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