Geek Twins Killed Gran

Have just seen this on Sky News.

'Geek' Gran Killers

This would upset me even if it wasn't there own grandmother. What scum, they are a waste of oxygen, and should be used for spare parts for those who contribute to life.

As for punishment I remember a pub called the Staffordshire Knot which had a picture of 3 men being hung from a tree. All together though using the Staffordshire Knot. I can't think of anything more suitable for these three.

The fanciful legend is that three convicted felons who had committed a crime together were due to be executed in Stafford jail. There was argument over who should be hanged first but the hangman solved the problem by devising this knot and hanging the three simultaneously.
quote from wikipedia. For more information on this, possibley, mythical event see Staffordshire Knot.
My grandma could have tw@tted those skinny specimens.


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I can confirm that the reason for the Staffordshire Knot's existence is indeed true.

On the other point. Is this why people ask for the death penalty back?
I expected the Dwane fella to be a big man. Jesus, even he was a nerd, Dwane....
Do you get longer sentences for commiting a crime against someone who can not readily defend themself?
They are indeed 3 skinny wretchs. On sky news they just showed CCTV footage of one of the scum grinning and laughing as they bought Kebabs just after the attack.

What scum.

Fellow inmate "What did you do on your 18th birthday?"
Skinny scum "Oh, I topped me gran and stole her money?"
Jail goes deathly silent, all eyes on skinny scum.

I can only hope they soon learn the error of their ways, do we still have "proper" criminals or are our prisons just overloaded with cowardly, asbo fodder?

I hope they will be lonely, I can't see too many of their family visiting them. I know I wouldn't.
Heard this on Radio 2 this afternoon. It made me sick. The twins step father didn't come out with the usual i forgive them statement either. as if killing a defenceless old grannie isn't bad enough they had to rob and kill one that had taken one of them in from prison and was a grandmother to the other two. The worst thing is they probably couldn't give a fcuk. the good news is they have got "prison bitches" written all over them. I hope they become the property of some well hung con called Leroy who likes dry fist fcuking


They could start a Proclaimers tribute band in the nick.

"When you go, will you send me, a letter from a AAAmeeerrrrrrrrricaaaaa", just as Bubba unzips.
Oh FFS, here we go again...

"One detective said the unemployed boys lived a "fantasy life" in chatrooms but were "geeky", rather than the hunks they pretended to be."

Of course its the fault of the internet/music/Computer games, it has nothing to do with not smacking them hard enough when they where kids and out of line...
Ok, totally opposed to the death penalty BUT in a case like this, if the Warders just happened to be busy when Big Leroy paid them a call........ :evil: :evil: :evil:
I'm thinking a couple yards of good strong rope, a tree and a flat bed trailer.

If these fools can only large it o nthe t'internet about how good they are it just means they are losers.

They are responsible for what has happened not anything or anybody else.

They must be well hard, only took three of them to kill an elderly granny, who probably didn't think they would do anything like that to anyone let alone her.

They need a very good shoeing.
LJH, and I appreciate that you have probably said all this before, but why do these three toerags not deserve the death penalty? I hold people like you in awe, and I mean that in a good way, that you can still argue that these people should be allowed to live after what they have done.

They have no respect for another persons life let alone human rights and as such, in my opinion anyway, have lost all their human rights the moment they entered her house. Which includes the right to carry on liveing there lives as they wish to.

There body organs and bloods could be used for so many more deserving people, maybe a bit freaky, but there are 6 kidneys, 3 livers, 3 hearts and numourous other vital organs in them that are going to be wasted.

Didn't murderers bodies used to be used for medical experimentation? If we didn't top them we could put them in a lab and save a rabbit.

Or failing all that issue them a mine probe and set them to work in any one of the worlds mine fields. Perhaps there work there, and perhaps death there, could in save one life that would otherwise have been lost.
They got away with Manslaughter.

There is something very wrong about this , it feels wrong. They got away with it.
PartTimePongo said:
They got away with Manslaughter.

There is something very wrong about this , it feels wrong. They got away with it.
Nice short sentences, so that Ruth Kelly can give them jobs as social workers for the elderly when they get out.
Is it just me that thinks the resemblence between them all is frighteningly clone like? Granted 2 are twins but the 3rd isn't even related.

Words can't describe their depraved actions, all for a little extra spending money, sick.
tigerbaby, they are geeks, and being geeks makes them technically related by some form of cosmic coincidence.

IMO, they should bring back hanging. Also, could someone explain to me why the feck those three cnuts got away with murder and the charge was only "manslaugter"?
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