Gee-Whizz Pa, I must git me one of them!


Whats alarming is so many people will react to it!
Woopert old chap, you are looking at this from the wrong perspective. Instead of thinking "What a bunch of strokers". You should be thinking "What a great way to make a load of money training yank civvies how to blot, bang, rub by marketing myself as an NBC instructor". Think about it -  just set up your own CS chamber, make them take off their resperators  and say their favourite football/baseball team. Once they start choking, that's it. They're all trained up. If it's good enough for HM forces, it's good enough for John Q American.
What a good idea......

Think of the money you could make in the city..

Just set up a 12x12, put some furniture in,in awkward positions of course ,and some smoke , make them run to and fro for about 4 mins, get the ressies on, then into the green mass for the drills.

Start to finish 10 mins , 500 squids per man.

Easy dosh

Who's up for it? We need to get in quick, before the HAC bods start doing it :)


and exactly what are the "two atomic pumps" they refer to? Wouldn't good old-fashioned bombs be scarier? Or spelling lessons for idiot Yanks?
Who's up for it? We need to get in quick, before the HAC bods start doing it

This would be too vulgar an enterprise for the gentlemen of the HAC, rather they would aquire the freehold of the land in a prime city location, built a huge monument to imperialism, build a bar, and rent out the playing fields for the training to tkae place on, followed by a summer ball in the marquee...after all why waste the opportunity to fleece PWC/Accenture/Goldmine Sachs et al for a corporate bash?


I am more worried as to how you came across this site in the first place woopert! ??? My how you must scour the web and all for our benefit!  Good on yer son!

I guess such ads are great ways to clear out unwnated surpluses....a friend of mine who, by dint of an ill-advised bid for 'unseen' bankrupt stock, ended up with 2 gross of vibrators!  He did a roaring trade selling them off at Christmas as cocktail mixers!! :D
A friend emailed it to me, God knows where she got it from.

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