Gee Gees - Hamilton Park - Friday 22nd August

Ladies and Gents,

I thought that in the light of the NUT[ters] deciding today that they don't like the armed forces, you might like to hear that we're still a-ok with some sections of society. Hamilton Park racecourse (near Glasgow) is having an "Officer and a Gentleman" evening on Friday 22nd August, with free admission to anyone from any of the uniformed services turning up in uniform.

Hurrah! Given that my unit is based in Glasgow, I'm hoping that we're going to be all over this one like flies on sh*t!


Sorry to barge in here with my sensible head. Is this event sanctioned by the grown ups? As we're not allowed a bevvy in uniform it would be good to know. Could be interesting on the train through the Buckfast triangle as well.
Still good on them for making the offer.
They are very pro-Army there. We used to do explosive demonstrations for the local fire brigade on the race course.
I can quite assure anyone that Hamilton is not a "Military Friendly" area. Whilst allot of people from the area join the forces there is an element of "Republican Sympathy" within Hamilton... and at these events any loose cannon Unifromed types would probably be targeted by these vermin.

It is a shame for the Hamilton RaceCourse, not being plush, is a great day/evening out. And it looks like the course itself is encouraging it... the local TA unit is about 1/2 a mile away (or it was a few years ago when I lived there...)

Maybe the local NED element should not win on this occasion.

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