Gearbox Dramas

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Sensesworkingovertime, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Hiya lads/ladettes/laiaintgotafcukincluewhatiam

    I've got an 02 plate 1.2 16v Mk2 Fiat punto. I've had it a couple of months, and bought it from one of my old mans best mates (from their days in the RAOC). It's been a great little car, no dramas at all..untill now.

    The drama I'm having is with the gearbox. It's a 5 speed gearbox, and whenever I put it into reverse or 1st gear I get a groaning noise, as if I'm trying to put it in gear sans clutch (this will happen wherever the clutch is at, floored, just below the bite or anywhere in between).
    has my gearbox got the gearbox equivelant of AIDS or cancer? :lol:
  2. I recommend

    You'll have to register to ask your question, but what those guys don't know about cars isn't worth knowing! It might be wise to tease out a little more detail about the groaning. Does the gearbox work, does it make the noise only in reverse, etc?

  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    If the change between gears is smooth from 1st to 5th, but gives you the described trouble between 1st/reverse, it's highly likely to be an internal gearbox problem, and out of your hands.

    It's not the clutch, otherwise it would occur at every gearchange. If your lottery numbers come up, it may possibly be due to a slight misalignment of the linkage between your gearstick and the gearbox - get a manual and check the rigging (or have it checked professionally if you're not confident/competent).

    It sounds like you're needing a replacement box though.
  4. With the car in neutral and the engine running, floor the clutch and let it back up slowly - is there a significant change in the sound?

    If so, clutch release bearing.

    Those cars have a bog basic box of ancient design, so a known good one from a breaker should only be about £40
  5. New box? geat...

    and it hasnt even done 40k miles yet! (i've done less than 500 miles in it btw)
  6. It has an 02 plate so it's about 6 years old and has been driven less than 40k miles - so that's about 6000 miles per annum. It's probably never been driven on a motorway, rarely got into 5th, and most of its time has been spent in traffic in 1st-3rd gear with the clutch going up and down like a bride's knickers.

    No wonder it's feeling knackered!

    Read the comments from Honest John; such driving kills modern cars!

  7. Just thinking about this....

    This engine and gearbox has probably never got hot in the car's life; take it out for a long drive (20-30 miles) on a clear road at a sensible speed. Change up and down gently and listen to the gearbox.

    If the noise persists, I recommend asking on

  8. Any oil in it? :(
  9. Obviously (well, hopefully!) when you put it into reverse you're stationary but does it do the same when you change down to first while moving? Also, if you try to put it into a higher gear while stationary is there any sign of the same? Only ask because you wouldn't normally go from neutral to anything but 1st or reverse when you're standing still so you may not have tried it.

    If you do get the same noise (possibly less pronounced) putting it into other gears then it's likely to be the clutch dragging. You wouldn't usually notice this on changes when you're moving, but the changes may feel a little "baulky".

    Also, if you try to pull away on flat ground, how close to the floor does the clutch just start to bite (let it up really slowly and how far till the car just starts to creep)? If it's less than an inch or so then it's very likely to be a clutch problem. May be the clutch itself, or a cable / adjuster problem. Both are much more likely than a gearbox fault on that sort of mileage.
  10. Ok, just checked the clutch, and it's just how you thought. Less than an inch from the deck. Downside to fixing it (though a minor one) is that it'll stop me using it as a foot rest :roll:
  11. What a homosexual car to own!