Gear to take to Afg

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by London_Lad, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Sorry for this, I'm off to work in an HQ, do we wear all our flashes etc and name tags? If so do we wear them when moving from FOB to FOB or only when in the HQ etc? ie Have one set nice and pressed the rest for working? I'd like to think its not at all formal but we are known for our BS at times.

    Also any advice on what to take and what to leave greatfully received.

  2. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Depends wear you work really. I constantly hear that Corps policy is that you will have at least a name tag and TRF.

    If I was you I would velcro name tags and unit flashes on if you are going to FOB or PB. That way you can sanitise your equipment before you deploy.

    A head torch and sense of humour would help as well :D
  3. In LKG last year we had to wear all badges and ironed all our kit with creases down the legs and arms, when we went on patrol we still had all badges on as that was what the Inf did!

  4. Do I need my Resi and Green webbing? We were told to take both and the assualt vest...I'm not taking an Iron FFS.
  5. Do not deploy without your respirator - unlikely you will need it but it just could happen (and nearly has on occasion). Green webbing? Nah.
  6. Take the pouches off the new molle assault vest, and just take them. Put them on your osprey when you get to theatre. Green webbing? Itll not be used, be added weight, and youll bring it back on RnR with you. Resi is a must, especially after what those nasty people in Iraq have started doing. Wont mention it over a public forum though! You most likely not need it, but id rather have it and not need it than not have it when you do need it!
    Other than that, make sure you have a decent mozzie net, gloves and head torch. Have a safe tour!
  7. You can take my lucky rabbits foot mate. Mind you.... it wasn't too lucky for our pet rabbit.... Stumpy! :lol:

    You take care out there bud! :salut:
  8. I'm out here now we got told to take all sorts. If you are working in an hq you need uniform, sports kit, a doss bag, a laptop a hard drive full of porn and movies to trade and if you are a tech some tools because there are none out here.

    Unless you are leaving the HQ on road moves or going to a FOB you don't need anything else. Well maybe your poncho to build a w*nk palace in your room.
  9. Ipod. Video one with loads of jostle videos on it.

    A must.