GDC membership for non qualified people

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by trooper142, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. OK I'm hoping that some one can explain to me how if you are not technically trained as a dental nurse according to new UK laws (national certificate as opposed to previous military dental class 1 +2 training which as far as has been explained to me don't count) the army can expect you to join a professional organisation and pay for registration?(union?).

    I'm sure nurses have to pay for registration along with doctors and dentists though apparently CDP(civilian dental practitioners have their fees paid by the army ).(and vets?) .

    Is there a general consensus that its just a case of pay up and soldier on ? or do people believe that these professional fees should be paid by the army ?

    Just out of interest has anyone heard the party line that if you don't pay find another job? or as i heard from manning and records you should just move on !
  2. I think it's strange that civilian nurses get their reg fees paid but I asked a CDP today & the answer was no, CDPs pay for themselves. To be honest (although I resent having to pay to work) I think it's fair that Military personnel pay for themselves, as you would working in civilian practice.
    For my tuppence worth, why is GDC registration so much more than GMC registration? And why can they not take it by direct debit but in one lump sum, at fcuking christmas?
  3. I believe that you have been misled , I understand that whilst they(CDP`s) pay the fees themselves they can claim back their fees and as such the CDP you spoke to may have missed out .

    I believe that to be held to ransom by an outside authority for in this case of initial registration fee of £72.00 in a one off payment seems unfair (no if buts or maybe`s ).

    All trouble makers(non conformer`s) to be reported .

    Where would be the DDS position on clinical governance on the position of dental nurses who have moved out of direct patient contact into practice or region or even DDS positions and have not been involved in dental treatment for a number of years?

    Do RAMC(AMS) practice manager`s or regional WO`s have to pay any professional fees?
  4. Our practice manager nurses when we are short of staff and as such, surely must have to register. The GDC are a pain in the arrse anyway, i have a list as long as my arm of reasons why but that's not the point. I think that registration for PCDs less hyg/thera is a bad thing.
  5. Trooper 142 has been misinformed. The GDC are accepting mil quals for registration, at least for the next couple of years. They will also accept unqualified nurses who can prove they have the required experience. If you go to it states clearly all the routes to registration during the next two years (known as the transition period) for dental nurses. Only after the transition period will all new registrants have to hold a nationally recognised qualification.

    Registration has got to be a good thing for dental nurses. Until this year a dentist could employ any 16 yr old school leaver as a nurse and train him/her to their own standards without any interference. It is/was not unusual to find civvy dental nurses with very little understanding of cross-infection control and yet they are responsible for cleaning and sterilisation of equipment! The new legislation should make this impossible in future.
  6. Nurses, ODPs, Radiographer etc... have to pay their own registration fees and cannot claim these back from the Army, although the Army has made it compulsory to be registered.
  7. Just ensure you inform the TAX people - Point of NOTE maybe all CDP's can reclaim their registration as part of their employment.

    Also maybe all Officer's claim this back as part of their TAX

    Even DADS may do this so what is good for Fog Horn (as he is known by his officers') is good enough for you
  8. This is true but it also means that dental students can't nurse for dentists which is a bit bizarre. It also means that the roles of a nurse need defining a lot more clearly to ensure that for example, a receptionist isn't doing something deemed to be a nurses duty & therefore requiring to be covered by registration.
  9. Good Governance at the point of service should cover this. As long as well constructed Terms of Reference (Job Descriptions) are completed it should be OK.

    You have a very good point about Dentists' nursing during their training - better employ more nurses then - and guess what wages WILL rise for Nurses.

    Also a nice little point lost on the GDC is that "all the others as they once were called" Have the majority vote now in GDC matters :twisted:
  10. Bunny

    Hows the largest computer system roll out in the world going?

    Isoft- Under investigation,(lead party in the JV) share prices going down the drain
    Cost to increase by at least 50%
    The system wont cope with the imput from all the NHS terminals.

    Strikes me as another public sector fu*k up!!