G'day from Oz

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Tommyo, May 9, 2012.

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  1. G'Day,
    I'm ex RAOC (1975-1988) now living in country Victoria, Oz. Arrived out here in 1990 and own a Private Investigation business.

    Served in Antwerp, Dulmen, RAF Marham, MOD London, Bulford, Tidworth, NI, Hong Kong, Soest etc.

    Nice meeting you all (I think!!)
  2. G'Day cobber, Adelaide myself, who do you investigate and do you want anyone to check out cheating quim in SA?

    Im currently bored working for player in the Energy Industry thanks to my knowledge of the Supply and Logistics chain and the inner workings of Gas Turbines and their assosciated parts.
  3. G'Day Rawhide
    I investigate anybody/anything as long as I get the cash!! Get your licence and become a super sleuth - just don't buy a red farrari...stands out like dogs bollocks!!
  4. Good on ya, sounds like a really interesting career! I'll look out for you on the next series of Underbelly, hopefull in one piece!
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  5. G'day mate!

    NT myself.

    Where in Vic are ya?
  6. Hi Bushmills,
    Not far from Traralgon . Ive never been to NT as yet!!
  7. Welcome. I envy you all. Das frau and I will hopefully end up in Oz at some point. It's May and f**king gibbers in the UK.
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  8. Welcome to ARRSE you'll find us to be warm and caring people. :)

    I'm in Brissy and we're in sort of similar lines of work. (commercial sub-agent).
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  9. Ok, I will chuck in for Sydney NSW.
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  10. Seems like we can form our own Dad's Army here in Oz !!
  11. Don't worry mate, you're not missing much except liver damage.
  12. Howzit, cobbers, dinkum, Koala, strewth, wombat and welcome one and all.
  13. And drop bears.......or is that in QLD
  14. What did you get deported to coloines for?
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  15. G'day Mates, I can recommend the Gold Coast. Been here since 2000 following discharge after 24 years in the Mob. Can't cheer for Australia except when they're playing the Springboks and AFL does nothing for me. I'm Queensland thru and thru during State of Origin though. Time for another XXXX ...