Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by delinquent, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Okay, bit of a weird one here... TA units that need GCSE's do they accept equivelents such as Level 2 basic skills in Maths and English which is essentially a GCSE pass at A-C?

    The reason I ask is that I am ex reg RMP and I didn't have these GCSE's when I joined as I joined as a junior leader and although medically discharged - saying hypothetically if I wanted to join the RMPTA would I need to have 2 GCSE's as per the website?

    What is the score with this, can I just get the basic skills and then apply?
  2. The basic skills are the equivalent of but not equal to!

    So usually if a company want GCSE grade xx then thats what they want, if its says GSCE grade xx or equivalent then the basic skills will do.
  3. Okay coming from this from a different angle. If I didn't have said GCSE's would it be a flat refusal to enter into an application or would they consider other qualifications I have an allow me to sit a barb test to see if I can put shapes into holes? I ask as when I done my barb many moons ago I pretty my much qualified for most trades and RMP was one of them and thus allowed to go to JLR without the GCSES.

    Is anyone from 116 Pro Coy who could answer this, or know of anyone or any instance of the above happenning?

    Thanks in advance D
  4. I would have thought that being ex RMP that would put you in a good position should you wish to join the TA RMP whether you had GCSE's or not :?
  5. Yeah I'd have thought but it seems as I was a junior it's different as I was offered the role before I had my GCSE results. thing is I now have a postgrad qualification and I believe I may have to do 2 GCSE's this year if I want to do it. Am rethinking the whole idea now. :(
  6. If you've been MD'd then will you be eligible to join the TA?
  7. Yeah I've been given the all clear albeit it's taken 16 years and 8 years without any problems. I have been told by several TA units that they would review my application with supporting documentation.
  8. Surely that means you're more than qualified, or am I getting the wrong idea :?
  9. I'm at a loss to understand why you should have to jump through this hoop given your service and qualifications.

    TA units with trades that have a minimum academic requirement, in my experience, take a pragmatic view. especially if you do that or a similar job in civvy street.

    If the unit have a real problem with your qualifications, you could ask them to seek advice from the nearest Army Education Centre. Especially as you were a regular soldier and was qualified in the "trade" you now wish to rejoin.

    If you are still keen to into the TA, I'm sure that there are other units that will be willing to take you.
  10. If your GCSEs were taken more than (I think) 5 years ago they mean precisely d*ck to the army, and you would be re-assessed with literacy/numeracy tests. We were retested at the TAC and apart from very recent school leavers almost all of us had to sit them. Those that did not do well were to be enrolled on a free college course to get them through the literacy/numeracy tests level II. That bench mark then gives them satisfaction that your skills are upto date. I don't think you'll have any bother especially considering your previous experience.
  11. I think what I'll do is the free college level 2 certificates in numeracy and literacy and see how it goes from there - Bollocks to spending a year studying for a GCSE.

    Thanks for all your answers