GCSE's Required for job set in stone?

I had a rough time through school and didn't do any gcse's. I corrected this a year down the line and did an adult literacy & numeracy equivalent (to a c/d) and also took a bunch of computer courses (ECDL, CLAIT, and lots of other random crap.)

I want to join the royal signals. Today i took the barb and scored 48, with a level 1 literacy score and level 2 numeracy. I asked to re-take the barb test and they sorted that for me.

Basically the job i have my heart set on requires:

"You should have:

Qualifications: GCSE grade C in English Language, Maths and Science/ICT"

This is for Communications Engineer (Signals).

Basically did i screw it up in school and lost this opportunity, or if i show huge determination can i somehow redeem myself as trainable in their eyes?
I spoke to a recruiter the other day as I'm in a similar situation (Got dragged around the country right in the middle of my GCSEs due to parent divorce) and despite my mocks coming up A* I ended up scoring much much lower on my actual exams, the recruiter told me that because of the demand for jobs at the moment the army can afford to be choosy so I would have to get the results required which I have neither the time or the money for. So I'm going straight for my 2nd choice. Someone else may confirm something different though.
If the description says you need them, you need them. I had to pay to get my old GCSE certificates sent to me from the exam boards because they were lost. And like Ginge says, competition is high. Look around online for a chance to resit your exams, thats what I did with my A-levels. You may have to pay a fair bit of money and it may take a few months but without GCSE's in maths and English, you'd struggle to find a job anywhere with today's problems, so think of it as a wise investment
Honestly, just re-sit your GCSEs. This doesn't involve a year at college, all you have to do is call a local college and ask if they take external applicants to sit the exams. They usually do them in January and June of each year. Get a few revision guides and you will be fine. My husband did this + worked an 80 hour week - he got Es and Fs at school and always just though he was 'not bright' , and got Bs when he re-took. I am sure they will look upon a person who has pulled their socks up, stopped making excuses and gone than extra mile to rectify the situation better than someone mumbling away making excuses. Smash it now - don't get a C, work your arrse off and get an A*.
If you have any benefits (working tax credit for example) you will pay about £10 for each exam. Otherwise t's something like £60? Don't quote me on that. Not a huge amount really, and a tenner for the revision guides. Check out GCSE bitesize too (free).
Everything I've looked into so far seems to suggest that I would need to do all of the coursework etc before any resits, but then the website for the college here is very clunky. I'll give them a call and see about just outright re-sits of the exams. Hopefully they are possible as it's extremely frustrating knowing I'm able but not having the proof of such a thing.
Hello Craig

Google IGCSE. ( International GCSE) A little more demanding ( allegedly) but no course work , even for science. Just get the study manuals, work yourself wragged and sit in January.

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Saying that, its best to speak to your army careers adviser, i've been shadowed for a job that i don't have the specific GCSES for. And i start in September, mind you my wait has been 3 years+
I re-sat GCSE maths for the same reason, they don't do coursework any more because kids were just copying it off the internet. Just bite the bullet and sit the exams; you don't need a tutor, just work from revision guides and do loads of past papers.
I got something like an E for Maths in school. 12 years later I scored 81% in an nationally recognized GCSE equivalent. Whatever 79% is in todays grades I don't know?

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