GCSEs education etc

Hi, I have applied to Join the army as an officer when i finish university, but only have 4 GCSE's that are C grade and above, though I have read on threads that I should have 7?

I have managed to get the equivalent of 2 A's at A-level and 240 UCAS points. I am also currently studying for a business Degree.

My main question here is: will my 4 GCSE's at C and above be a problem if they want seven considering the rest of my good education??? Also I have maths and English but not a science or language at C grade, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
thanks, very helpful :D .... do you by any chance know how many ALIS points you get for each subject grade at GCSE? (i.e A*= A= B= etc)??? thanks


Im in the same boat as ismale89 only I am doing my degree in engineering, have an HNC in engineering and NVQ in Metalwork, would I qulify for officer training? I have been told that NVQs are equivilent to GCSE/A levels and a HNC is higher than A levels but would these be taken as an alternative to the required entry qualifications?

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