GCSEs and qualifications

I have to decide on three jobs to put on my application and I'm looking at Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. It requires the following qualifications;

Min. Grade
C in English Language,
C Mathematics,
C Science/IT or a foreign language

And I have;
A in English Language,
C in English Literature,
D Mathematics,
C and D in double Science,
D in IT,
C in Business Studies,
C in Religious Studies,
BTEC Diploma in Media studies.

(nothing to be proud of I know!)

I left school last year. Is there any way I can make it into this job or is my crap maths qualifications a complete bar?

Is there anything I can do so I can go through with the job choice? Is it the case that some of my other GCSEs may make up for my D in maths? I'm after adult entry also. I'm 17 at the minute and I'm looking at the technical side of the Army (never did bother looking through many jobs before).

Thanks for any help!
The best place to ask this is at the Army Carears office.

Meanwhile, get back to college to mug up on the Maths. Because if you don't need it for this job choice, then you are bound to need it for any other choice too.

College won't be like school, and at 17 you would fit right in. But if you don't fancy college then take a look at what the Open University can offer you instead.
I'm already at college and unfortunately it was too late for me to get onto an evening Maths course. I finish this course later on this year and hopefully then onto the Army.
You should go down the careers office mate, best option!

I'm off to Pirbright in July for Electronic Warfare. Seemed like a good choice to me.
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