GCSE results

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ARMY_MAD, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Hey Guys and Girls!

    Any one else getting thier results today??

  2. I hope someone is not waiting for their english GCSE.

  3. :p
  4. Oops, I hope thats not a sign of things to come!
  5. Got mine a while ago.
    GCO E level in dixlexier, dishloxier, deslixisier - oh fcuk it
  6. Best if luck anyway, you planning A levels after?

    I got my Access/AS results last week and I'm off to Bristol Uni.
  7. Thanks, yes I plan to take A levels after, I will find out today if that is going to be or not!

    2 hours to go!

  8. Really? Are you sure you don't mean A-Level results? Because I'm fairly sure that Universities will only take people who have done their A-Levels, not their AS-Levels?
  9. Unfortunately Goon, some Universities will now take you if you achieve a certain number of UCAS points, rather than grades.
    And if the Uni doesn't specify to the contrary, half-wits can rack up a massive amount of AS points to make the cut.
  10. GCSE's - bugger you're making me feel old :roll: I recall doing the blasted things in '88.... Is a simple "A" still the highest grade or has Nu Labour felt the need to introduce an A******** yet :D ?

  11. Oh. Not to offend you, wompingwillow, but does this not devalue and undermine the entire point of University and degrees somewhat, Macks?

    Not a good way to go, IMHO.
  12. Then your fairly wrong then aren't you!

    Access was my main route into Uni ( being a ( their words not mine) mature student), While 3 of the 6 asked for a grade C or above in AS Biology.
  13. Im Scottish so as far as im concerned there is no capital in england....

    runs for cover.
  14. GCSE talk in the NAAFI

    No children in the bar, apart from growed up childrens like what shortfuse is