GCSE results up for the 23rd year running

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ciggie, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Couldn't resist this one. Does this mean that kids in 1987 were thicker than Fred Flintstone or that we'll be handing out Nobel prizes to teenagers in 5 years' time ? Better still, the spin went ' Over 70% of the passes were at 'C' and above ' So a 'D' is a pass then ? In my day it stood for dunce. E was for Extremely thick and F was for Feckwit.
  2. Believe Northern Ireland once again tops the list, of average pass rate.

    Not bad for being thick Irish bastards.
  3. No, B & P, that's an 'I'....waaaaay down the scale !!!!!!!! : )
  4. I like some of the applications we get. Listing passed 9 GCSE's with no grades shown.

    If you think that's bad, just wait till you meet the graduates!
  5. I never ever said I ****ing passed my GCSE's. At least let me revel in stealing the thunder of the spotty we ******* that inhabit my fine land.
  6. You get an honourary full set of GCSEs, including woodwork and Polish ( apparently popular at the mo, can't think why)..... the world is now your shellfish.
  7. Ahh Polish, is that by any chance the language used in the anthem of the BNP?
  8. Apparently it can be studied in conjunction with crackpipe-making..the crackpipe being the instrument of choice at many BNP meetings....
  9. And then there's these Fcukrs using the term 'Degree' when the proper title is 'Diploma in Sports Science' or suchlike

    It was CSEs in my day. Had to take my maths one twice

  10. Funny I earned a degree in Nuclear Physics, on the Iran thread the other day, only got one question wrong, but recieved plenty of knowledge.

    Well enough to walt my way to Tehran.
  11. Diploma in Sport Studies Curriculum

    Year One:

    Boots : What are they ? Approx 3 weeks. ( Including optional course Studs, To Screw or Not To Screw - advanced students only)
    Laces : Devious buggers but beatable. Approx 2 months.
    Ball: See ball, follow ball. To summer

    Year Two

    Revision of Year One: 2 months
    Kick: Extention of ball studies: To Easter
    Pulling socks up : 3 weeks
    Spitting and snotting: To summer break

    Year 3

    Dribbling : How to keep a bib on.This is continuous throughout the year.
    Buying a sports car : Merc or Bentley? Five minutes
    Passing: Very unlikely.
  12. Very good, I near chocked on my pizza thanks.
  13. Outstanding Sir !!
  14. Hasn't the decision been made to move away from coursework being the defining factor in passing your GCSE. If we are going back to exams then I foresee the continuing upward trend of pass marks being reversed.

    We have now reached our limit, there are not enough places at Uni for the amount of people who can 'legitimately' (sic) expect to be offered a place. I know quite a few people who had a forced 'gap year' and are taking a place this year...is this now common practice?
  15. The remnants of grammar (sp?) schooling, but don't worry it will be destroyed properly soon. All in to the lowest common denominator.