GCSE Requirements?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mrjoshua, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm not sure if this has been asked before on this forum but i didn't really know what to search for so i reckoned i may as well ask. I'm looking to join the RE but on the army jobs site it states you need a minimum of 3 C's to do most trades, now i've had conflicting information on the actual neccessity of said grades. I'm currently away from home so can't arrange a meeting at my local careers office. Do they take into account your overall perceivable intelligence and your BARB score or will you not be able to progress any further than a brief chat without the aforementioned grades?

    Cheers for any advice you can give me, i'm sensing if that's the case they'll try and push me towards infantry which isn't what i'm interested in doing. Will just have to piss around for another year getting my grades up if need be, though obviously this would be a less than ideal scenario as being in the civvy world is about as interesting as Trevor McDonalds voice.

    Again cheers in advance for any advice.
  2. Do you have the required grades or not?? If not are they close to what you need? Maths/English/Science at C or not?? More info needed.
    If you dont have the grades at all then the RE will not look at you. If your close then they may take your Basic skills into account aslong as they are at Level Two or above.
    Please remember that with the large influx of applicants the RE are more than likely to take people who have the grades needed.
  3. I believe i have a D in english and an E in both maths and science. Rather poor i know.
  4. What was your Basic skills score, but I dont think they will shade all your GCSEs
  5. You wouldn't chuckle! Those grades mean that you only managed to write your name in the correct place at the top of the paper!

    I doubt that your aspirations will be met.

  6. I did think this may be the case. Like i stated before these pathetic grades are not the cause of being unintelligible, i just fell into the old trap of skiving with my mates drinking white lightning etc. Hindsight is a bitch isn't it :) Well i guess i've got to decide on doing a year of re-sits or to go down the infantry/artillery route.
  7. Two years ago, you would probably have breezed in through the door and into the Sappers. But the world has changed. My contacts tell me that the recruiting pipeline is full and soldiers are actually studying hard (rather than drinking) in order to ensure that they pass their Phase 2 course! Shock, horror! :D

  8. Tis a crying shame, i don't want to spend another year in civvy street studying but at the same time as ridiculous as it may sound the infantry scares the bejesus out of me in the current climate. Sad i know.
  9. Hi mate, when i joined up in august 2008, i had no GCSE's at all, so joined to as C3S. but during my phase 1 I was able to re-take english and maths for free funded by the army... after passing both at level 2, i was able to change trade to B+SF... i dont think you need GCSE's for B+SF but at least you got the grades then.... From what i've heard you need C's or above to get to full screw (corporal) so either way, if you want to get up the ranks, you will still need to re-take your GCSE's. hope this helps
  10. The way things are at the moment with the recruiting the more GCSEs you have, the better chance you have of getting into the Corps. Also with the way the education system is changing now you need to have English and maths at Grade C or above (or equivilant) to reach SNCO level.

    I joined with 2 B's and 3 C's. I now have an HND and am a year into a BSc (Hons) so if you are willing to get on and work the oppertunities are there to be taken.
  11. really p_l :D :wink: :D :wink:
  12. I can't be arrsed to spell check every fecking post you pedantic git! Besides, they were deliberate mistakes, I was seeing if anybody picked up on them!
  13. Touché
  14. I've just been informed that if i'm still interested in the engineers i can go for armoured engineer. I don't see much talk of this though presumably because people are far more interested in the artisan trades. Now i've got to decide between that and infantry. Genuinely not sure which i'd rather do.
  15. neither stand by your choice of an artisan trade, not much call for grunts & armoured farmers in civ div fella.