GCSE Maths....stopping me from getting the job.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Cpt_Jack1, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. Alrite chaps,

    did me BARB the other day, got 82 and got a list of jobs of which im to choose from.

    Now the job i wanna do is a Geographical Terrian Analysist.

    Reason being, im a 3D modler for Structural Engineering firm and well, i enjoy doing it, but wanna join the army, so i thought that this job would be great.

    Anyway, i've got B in science and English, but a D in my Maths, i was 1 Mark off a C but the bastards wouldnt allow me to get it re-marked.

    Now, the probem is, i need a C to be able to get the job i want.

    I've spoken to a Careers officer and hes said, hes going to call whoever he has to (cant remember who) about the specific job and see if theres any chance they can be a bit leanient(sp) because i have other qualifications which would aid me in the job.

    Anyone got an ideas / advice about maybe things i can do or w/e to help me get the job?

    Cheers chaps.

    (and before anyone suggests it, NO, im not shagging a Careers Officer lol)
  2. Just wait and see Let your Careers Officer do his job
  3. a GTA eg? - "no the tanks wont get over that, make the ******* walk it"

    Can you not get yourself on a refresher 2 week course at local college for free? it gives you a cert on same level as a GCSE?
  4. Had no idea you could do that m8, i'll give my local college a bell tonight and see what they say.

  5. Seeing as I got good grades in everything except Maths they offered to "shade" the grade up so I can get a tech job but I chose combat in the end anyway. Can't they do this with you?
  6. Book a resit....

    I needed a C on the higher paper maths, when I was school I was on the intermediate paper, the head of maths wouldn't put me up because if I flunked it would look bad on the results!!! (Bitch)

    I booked a resit a couple of months after my gcse's and got a C on the higher paper 8)
  7. The Careers guy said hes gonna have to speak to somone about it, no idea who, but hopfully they'll say its fine, well i hope so anyway.

    If not im gonna be gutted :(

    Keeping my fingers crossed though.
  8. On the plus side you have got the chance to divide your time between improving your maths grade and thinking about your future career prospects in the Army.

    Minus the fact that being a Geo Terrain **** whatever it is sounds incredibly dull.

    All things being equal and by the sounds of it you should be ok :D
  9. Geo Terrain analyst??

    How hard can it be to look at a hill and say YEP its a hill??
  10. Likely not much more difficult than "Empty jerrican to full jerrican....stand by...wait for it....GO!" :twisted:
  11. Im not going to bite Im not going to bite Im not going to bite :x
  12. How hard can it be to look at a hill and say YEP its a hill??[/

    ahhh but is it....it could be a mound! sorry couldnt resist :lol:
  13. Or a grassy knoll?
  14. It's always a dodgy one if you've just missed out on the grades, sometimes they'll look at the rest of your grades and work out your potential from those. I've worked with the Geo lot and they're a great bunch of lads however they're having a major problem with retention at the moment because a lot of the younger lads just aren't enjoying it.

    There are very few postings so if you like to move around you'll hate it, but if you like to stay in one place you'll be more than happy. Just make sure that you ask about the 'Golden Handshake' when you're in the careers office as you get a bit of extra cash if you sign for it when you complete phase 2 training.

    I'd recommend Geo, can be very fast promotion and you get an education too. Like i said, all the guys are good lads so if you can go for it, then go for it. Have you not considered the REME??