GCSE Grades & Trades Query.

I recently passed my BARB test with a score of 64 (which i'm told is above average) and i have C grades and above in all subjects apart from Maths which i received a D grade.

I'm interested in joining the Royal Engineers and learning a trade, but the only ones available to me are armoured engineer, driver and comms tech. However on the Army website there are far more trades open to me in the RE with my current qualifications.

Could someone please enlighten me on why this is?
C or above in maths for any sort of technical trade I believe. Look at the individual pages for the trades. Did you not ask your recruiter?
Here is the link for quals. and trades

Trades - British Army Website

Yeah i did ask him but he didn't know and wasn't interested.

i'm wondering if he didn't bother to put my grades onto the system because i didn't have a maths C grade, so now all that is available to me are the trades where gcse grades are N/A.
Have a look at the REME or signals. Plenty of trades in there. It seems strange that a recruiter wouldn't know or not be interested.
Unfortunately there are no REME trades on my job sheet and only Driver Lineman Storeman available for R sigs, so at the moment my choice is very limited. Thanks for the replies though.
Go to night school or an Adult Learning Centre and improve your Maths grade. Really, nowadays, they ask for a C or above just to show that you are numerate. No good putting you on a trade training course only for you to drop out because you are behind the rest. The Army still works to a syllabus and don't follow the "go a the pace of the slowest member" type teaching. Even radio ops have to work out frequency/wavelength and antenna propagation.
Really, go and do some extra training. It shouldn't take long to up the D to a C and then loads of trades will become open to you.
60 or more on BARB plus C or above for GCSE Maths English and Science will give you all job options within the Army. It's not really about the trade as if you are staying in for a career then lets face it when you are 40 plus y/o you want to be a manager rather than a doer, so look for an option you will enjoy. You join the Army to be a Soldier, so do just that. UBIQUE.

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