GCSE Grades and Job Choice

Hi, I am currently applying for the Army after being made redundant from my Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Apprenticeship 6 months before becoming qualified.

The problem i have is that I have all the required grades except I have a D in maths and a C is required, I was told by the recruiter i cant have the A/C Fitter as an option... is their no way around this as i have nearly 4 years experience(1 1/2 years at college who overlooked my maths) and will fly through any numeracy test, I was just lazy with my coursework at school. Am I going to have to settle for another choice?


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1st can you still do the college to finish your apprenticeship? it puts you in a stronger position and there is a lot of aircon in the cabs these days.

you can also redo your maths if needed but as long as you pass the numeracy bit they should take it into account if you are doing a trade, it might even be possible to get some form of bursury to finish as it would be a cheap move for the army.

dont just look at army though, navy and raf also have fridges.
You aren't qualified and don't have the academics at this moment to go Air Con so why are you bitching about the recruiter not letting you?

Listen to the careers person.

As quoted to me by a Senior Recruiter : )
Someones got something stuck up their arse. Now i wasn't bitching BITCH i was just asking, I cant return to college full time as i have financial commitments in other words i need to be earning a reasonable wage. So if you have nothing constructive to say keep your opinions to yourself.

So the army seemed the best choice to get qualified. Good wage while i learn. The recruiter was only going by the grade sheet. Was only wondering if theirs a way around it e.g passing an entry numeracy test or something.

Im fully open to redoing my maths while in the army, is it possible to do an alternative career and when I have my maths to switch to Air Con?
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