GCSE equivalent to VM quals

I'm a former RM who did a VM3 course at Bordon in 1992 and then a VM2 course a little while later, all with distinctions. I now need to find out the GCSE equivalent to the qualifications I gained. I have called City & Guilds but the person I spoke to didn't have a clue. I've tried ringing the registry at Bordon but it's just ringing out so I presume they may be on leave. If any of you guys can shed some light on this it'd be very much appreciated as I need this info asap, thanks in advance.
City and Guilds didnt have a clue?
Try ringing them again, might get someone on the line who isnt a cabbage!
I have found that when ringing companies up etc for various reasons you might end up talking to someone that has about as much intelligence as a piece of soggy toast and they end up fcuking you off with a blag answer, but when you try ringing again you get someone who actually knows what they are doing and can help you out.
bruni_madhorse - cheers for the info pal.

SpannerSpanker - I know exactly where you are coming from which is why I followed it up with an email with the intention of calling again if I received no reply, looks like I'm phoning again then.

The Colonel - cheers boss I'll give that a try too.
The Colonel is right. Phone SO2 PD at the headshed on extn 2711. Answer will be a positive one if you give him as much info (cse dates etc) as you can. :D :D

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