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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by danny842003, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. I am hoping to join the RMP but at the moment i do not have my GCSE maths at level C. (not that im not capable just didnt put the effort in when i was 16)
    I am currently doing a course.
    But i have been told that a key skills level 2 in the application of number is equivalent. I called the AFCO and the sgt on the phone said yes it is equivalent. He said bring the certificate so we can take a photocopy. Me being an idiot didn't take the sgts name and when i went down was told by another sgt that it is equivalent. Later that day i was speaking to friend in the army who said it deffiantly does count as he knows people who have used it. Can anyone please shed any light on this.

    Any help is greatfully received. Sorry if it dosent make sense i think i might still be drunk.
  2. hey there. I also didn't have a GCSE grade C in maths but i did achieve level 3 in key skills at college. I was told that even though this is higher than a grade C the army would not accept it because apparently it is not recognised tot he army. I had to go back to college and resit my maths exam to get the C i needed. I am going in to the nursing corps so i dont know if it will be the same for you, but that is what i was told.
  3. Ok i imagine it will be the same then.

    i am currently re taking my GCSE and the navy are paying for it. I was just interested as even if i fail to meet the mark again i would have been safe.
    Just have to make sure i pass then :)
  4. haha yeah, just do your best. I am useless at math but i managed to get the C i needed in the end. It made me realise that my parents were right all those years ago when they said you need to revise or you wont get the grades you need.

    good luck.
  5. Hey there i also need to redo my maths and english to acheve a C and i have the time do it but the education centre cant fit me in which i find really frustrating like many others in the army i hope to transfer and this is slowing the whole prosess down a great deal they have canclled the course twice in the last 2 weeks as there was not enough people to do the course but i need it done!
  6. Luckily we have a very good education dept. The best i have ever visitied. Seem very pro active in getting people to sign up. I know way more people on courses at this education center than any other.
    Wish i could have got mine done before but it is near impossable to do on a ship.
  7. its the equivilant of but not equal to a GCSE.
    If you need a GCSE for a course/job then a level 1 or 2 will not be accepted.

    I have now left the army and am working in an AEC and its something anyone enquiring about the key skills levels 1 & 2 are told.
  8. Stop talking bollox. I've managed to do it working defence watches onboard (6 on/6 off) and that was for Open University modules so the notion that you cannot do a piss easy GCSE does not hold any credibility with me. You have to want to do it-the pusser will not do anything for you unless you show the determination.

    I've heard it before-'oh, I haven't got the time to do it'. These guys then sit in the mess on an evening watching dvd's for hours at a time and then are out on the lash every night alongside...
  9. I tried and the education officer just kept saying next time where at sea. Next time where at sea. Its like saying tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.
    Im on the course now any way. Doing it in my own time at night.
  10. Unfortunately the recruiter is right that you cant give an equivalent grade as the way the college/course set the grades out. They will say that the course equates for example to a GCSE grade B-D and then give a pass (so what is it a B,C or a D). However if you have done modules or courses that could be classed as equivalent grades and you are elligable in all other areas your Recruiter can ask the SPSO for that particular Corp to look at your particular case and give you a shading for the job. It isnt always available and dealt with case by case, you still have to pass your recruit selection at ADSC though.
  11. Try querying this on the mod website, they tend to be very helpful with simple queries such as this. From what I have seen posted before, it seems possible that some qualifications can be overlooked if they are superceded by a higher qualification, however the nature of your A Levels and Degree are unlikely to work that way here. Hopefully you can get it sorted easily though, if not then waiting until november really isn't that bad fella :thumright:
  12. I have a 2.1 B.A Degree in History and Politics and was told for Int Corps I need 5 GCSE's including English Maths and Science, aswell as lvl 2 on both basic skills tests.

    When I did my degree though you needed at least a C in English to be accepted anyway, don't know these days.
  13. Good job it wasn't the Navigating Officer saying that.

  14. Honestly, just give the army a call or chat on the mod website; you'll get a far faster answer.