GCO/BCO Please delete my account

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by floppyjocky, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Guys, thanks it's been a slice (sometimes)

    Please delete my account when you get a minute. If possible I would like ALL of my previous posts deleted as well, at least if nothing else it will make chief-tee'wat think he was talking to himself for a while.

    I would of emailed this but I believe you are having problems.

  2. Steady on quiche dude....

    Why you doing one?
  3. You been visiting Mongolia for the past few months poindexter?

    Get with the program.

    Yet another real soldier departs (all be it a quiche eater ;) )
  4. Curiosu to the reasons mate....

    Is it the tiresome witchunts, is it the direction of the site, is it Flashes moustache.

    Why you going? Are the police interested in the contents of your harddrive?
  5. Is this site slowly trickling towards being the civvy rumour service?

    Why are you going floppy?
  6. All of the above mate, with the obvious exception that I quite like the moustache.

    I have to add. As a last post ever because I really am logging off after this one.

    I've fooled you all, I am a fully converted and paid up member of the lardy pie eating Lynx community, I was just too ashamed to admit it before now :)


  7. Because the mongs are the majority now Slug.

    Floppyjock may be a Lynx driver on paper but I've seen his FRF. 8O

    Catch you on the flip side, Floppy.
  8. i sense an unusual disturbance in the force.

    its not the civvy rumour service. its the TA rumour service

    same thing pretty much

  9. *snigger*

    Harsh but essentially fair....
  10. I thought this was made up more of ex-squaddies? Seconded by the trolls, such as Sven...
  11. So is that it then? Are we all supposed to take our ball home and let the few that spoil the site win? I'd rather plait my own poo! I've left once before, not only did I miss it, I also felt as if I'd backed down to the playground bully, I'll stick around a bit yet, maybe it will all blow over.
  12. It's probably easier for those still serving to leave the site... although in some ways, I do think the site has improved - with the likes of second life (something I've not had time to get into), and the online gaming.

    But this crap involving Flash is starting to ruin the site in other ways - and it's all caused by people who do not belong here... in fact, it's not even that - if people want to come in and play by our rules then that's fine with most of the members of this site. But when people who should be here, like Flash, start to suffering because of misfits who don't belong, like Pentwyn or Blondbint, then that's when people will start to move on.
  13. Just as we get the best enhancement for some time (I mean the anti-troll cloak) the site, or part of it, self-combusts. Great.

  14. No, it's the over-opiniated never served bandwagon jumping civvy rumour service, the TA are leaving too it seems.

    This site, in my personal opinion exists to service 4 groups in this order.

    1. Regular and reserve and Purple combinations thereof and their families.

    2. Ex- Forces

    3. Those interested in a career in the Armed Forces

    4. Never served curious civilians.

    Right now, the site is being trashed by some of those in group 4 , who seem to have forgotten they are GUESTS here, and privileged beyond measure to be sharing the same airspace as group 1 and 2.

    I am watching numerous threads and discussions being hijacked by the same people, threads being trashed and even the new measures taken to combat trolls being circumvented, so this same group , and the feeble minded can continue dragging this site into the toilet. You're not funny , you're not productive, you're just sh*t smearers.

    With very few exceptions it's not the Regular or Reserve Forces users dragging this site into disrepair and smearing verbal excrement all over the walls with petty squabbling , witch hunts and general bollocks ,it is by and large civilian users.

    I am seeing moderators with plenty of devotion to this site getting frustrated, because as fast as they can repair the damage wrought by this happy band of never served or only just in uniform cretins, more sh*t arrives to replace it. it needs to stop now.

    Whilst I cannot speak for the site owners, in my personal opinion we will not haemorrage our target users, for whom this site was built , and for which a lot of us have given a great deal of time, work and money to make sure they have somewhere to come , ruined and shat all over by the actions of the same dozen users.

    To those people I will say this, you are guests on the foremost Military forum in the UK, start behaving like it , or fcuk off to NoMatesSpace or Faceparty.

    This is the ARMY Rumour Service, the foremost and most respected non-official Military forum in the UK today. Start treating this means with respect , it's here for all, but especially for Groups 1 and 2.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.